Getting things Straight , Sacking Over 40 pastors in Living Faith Church

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Let me go straight to the point….sacking of over 40 pastors in Living Faith Church.

The more I want to keep quiet the more I feel like to moment.

Access bank sack over 800 staffs no much comments from people.

The most interesting thing is that, all this post and comments is not coming from non Christian.

When you were inducted, you never post it on social or local media, if I were you, I will hold on to the last part of this letter so that the grace of God will not depart from you.


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You were being paid 80,000 and others benefit.

House rent some 150,000

Church rent some 100,000 but over a year or 9months, attendance is not up to 20.

Living Faith Church has zero tolerance for failure. You live in free house, you are paid 80,000 to be pastor and there is NO numerical increase.

What do you expect the commission to do?
Please, Pastors should understand how things work in Living Faith Church. BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO works 18 hours everyday, how long do you work as a pastor?

Being a pastor is not bread and butter…you are not send to make fund but to make results. Your mates churches are growing and yours is going down playing laziness and think you can stay there?
The bible say that the branch which does not bear fruit shall be cut off.

The truth is…you can not be a pastor without massive harvest of souls.

Remember this…Pastor is not Ordinary Title, Pastor means:
“Person Assisting Souls To Obtain Redemption”

May the grace of God find you in Jesus name.

CC Bishop Daniel Abah


David (103)


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