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Gateways to Financial Fortune – Bishop Oyedepo

Declaring Operation Change of Story April 4- May 29 2022

Special Sunday Service- 15th May 2022

Financial fortune in the Kingdom operates on the platform of the covenant, when our part of the covenant is discharged, God’s integrity is committed to perform.

For prosperity in the Kingdom, prayer & fasting is a waste of energy.

The covenant answers to the obedience of faith to the terms of thereof.

John 8:39, They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.

Walking in the steps of Abraham results to generational fortune, not by just the physical money but commanding them to align to the covenant.

People don’t want to learn anything, they want to get everything. Abraham’s journey into fortune began with tithing.


All we need is to demand for the giving grace.

Riches is created to our account already by the death and resurrection of Christ, but you can only withdraw them through giving.

It is our choice that makes the difference.

Believe and engage in the tithing commandment

Kingdom Investment keeps heaven open.

In the school of financial fortune, tithing opens the windows of heaven while kingdom investments keeps the window open.

Only when money is engaged in the kingdom matter that answers all things.

Money not engaged with the kingdom is destructive.

When you tithe your personal tithe and leave your business, you come under the open heaven and let your business suffer for it.

Covenant practice procures favour

Our genuine love for God is the mystery behind all time settlement in all areas of life.

Love with God and for God puts a believer utterly in command above all issues of life.

Being grounded and rooted in God settles believers supernaturally in all areas. The heart for God is the master key to our settlement

Real love has zero alternative, just settle with God. A heart for God is the covenant platform for our settlement.

If you want God to settle you, settle with Him. Let  His settled Word settle you.

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