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Four Proofs Of Love

Love is the greatest gift of God to humanity. Without Love life is a mess.

1.Love pursues( Matt 22:37-39)
Any plant that must survive must be rooted in the soil;also any love that must work must first be rooted in the source(Christ Jesus). Any love that doesn’t put God first is fake.
Therefore if u love someone, go after that person, don’t pretend but be bold to speak about the love and remember the source is always there to guide you into perfection

2.Love protects( prov 10:12)
Love is agreesive to protect. If a person can’t protect or cover your weakness, such a person don’t love you.

3. Love pleasures( ps 16:11)
Real love never cause you pain. Any love that cause you pain and fear will destroy u at last. Love pleasures one another.

4. Love provides ( John 3:16)
You can’t love without giving. Love is desiring to give more than you desire to receive. If you love, you would give

#overflow of Love

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