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Forgiveness Helps Us let Go of Deep Negative Feelings – Kemi Oyedepo

Forgiveness Helps Us let Go of Deep Negative Feelings - Kemi Oyedepo
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Both are essential for any marriage to thrive. Love covers a multitude of sins and flaws and shortcomings. If there is any place where these “sins” of ours are magnified, it’s in marriage. And deep love helps us to still find no fault in our spouses in spite of how glaring those faults may be.

This doesn’t mean we should not be deliberate about taking steps to prune away any blemishes in our character, attitude or behavior. Accepting your imperfections and doing all you can to become a better person makes you more attractive and pleasant to be around.

Forgiveness helps us let go of deep negative feelings that can impact how we relate with each other. It stops us from allowing offense and bitterness to control us. In fact, you and I can’t love deeply without a forgiving spirit.

Forgiving freely does NOT mean forgetting, excusing or condoning “bad behavior” so where you feel deeply hurt by an offense from your spouse or close family member, it is still important to address that issue and resolve it, to prevent it from damaging your relationship. Please do this while still promoting peace in your home.

Forgiving freely also does NOT mean you get to remain a repeat offender, thinking there are no consequences for your actions. There is only so much a person can take. So… saying “I’m sorry” yet hurting intentionally and continuously may eventually lead to the disintegration of your marriage. Unfortunately this has happened too many times.

Be mindful of your behavior in your marriage. God is the builder of all things but we still have a responsibility to BUILD! The making of your home is in your hands! If you need some help, be sure to prayerfully seek godly counsel. Wishing you God’s best in your marriage and family life. Blessed weekend! Cheers…#kemioyedepo #marriage #light #wisdom #crisisproofyourfamily

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