Faithlife Releases Verbum 8 — The Latest Release Makes Deeper Study Accessible for All Catholics   

/Christian Newswire/ — Faithlife, a technology and media company serving the Christian market, released Verbum 8, the latest version of their acclaimed Catholic digital study platform. With the bold changes in this latest release, Faithlife hopes to make spiritual study a part of every Catholic’s daily life. Verbum 8 helps users find Catholic insights from hundreds of books without ever flipping a page. Commentaries, dictionaries, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew resources, devotionals, and other books are built right in. Study can be done with the web app, mobile app, or downloadable desktop app.
For almost 10 years, Verbum has been the go-to digital tool for Catholic study. “Verbum 8’s digital books and tools empower any Catholic to understand Scripture and explore Church tradition,” said Faithlife CEO Bob Pritchett.
In the new release, Verbum 8 now includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step Catholic study instructions called Workflows. “You just choose the type of study you want to do, like Lectio Divina or homily prep, and Verbum walks you through each step,” explained Phil Gons, Vice President of Bible Study Products. “Experienced users such as priests, teachers, theologians, and professors will appreciate the improvements to the advanced tools. Verbum 8 has a wide appeal to help all Catholics study the Faith.”
Search faster and easier
Verbum 8 includes a digital library of books and tools needed to accurately and efficiently understand and study Scripture. You are able to add to and customize your library, making it unique for your individual use. The powerful search engine allows you to pinpoint anything in English, Latin, Greek, or Hebrew. Even if you don’t know the original languages, Verbum 8 instantly gives you a quick summary and links. You can even do a word study in a few clicks.
Create powerful visuals with the Canvas feature
With the new Canvas feature, you can work the Scripture with intuitive tools for breaking down, arranging, and marking up a passage. Priests and teachers will appreciate the ability to create charts and diagrams summarizing a passage meaning. And users can share their creations with others with a few clicks.
Stay organized, find anything with Verbum Notes
Taking notes on Scripture is easier than ever with the new Notes tool in Verbum 8. Capture your thoughts on any passage, and they’ll automatically stick to the verses you’re studying. When you take a note on a book or passage, Verbum automatically tags it with the book title, date, Scripture reference, and other important data. That means your note is ready and waiting the next time you need it. With notebooks, you can collect all your notes on a subject like “Christ in Hebrews” or “Advent Reading Notes.” Or just add a quick tag. All your notes are organized in one place, and it’s easy to drill down to what you need. Filter by resources, notebooks, tags, when your note was created, and more.
Verbum 8 is now available in English and Spanish. To learn more, go for details or to purchase.

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