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Exploring the riches of his grace- bishop abioye (henotace)

Grace is the fountain from which all spiritual virtues are drawn. Many of us have been looking for things that make us settle for less. Until you find grace, you don’t find any redemptive treasure.


The number one thing to find is grace. It is the most valuable, the most vital, it is the core, every other thing is a plus. It is the anchor on which other virtues are hanging. Grace is the tree which produces the branches where you get your fruits from. A branch cannot boast without the stump of the tree. The survival of any branch is dependent on the tree.


For instance there are people who are busy looking for power. It is alright to look for power, but getting power is settling for less. Power can be resisted by the enemy but grace cannot be withstood. That is why you discover that men of grace look like unlikely men to get things done. They don’t look like it but grace confirms them so.


Look at David for instance: his father didn’t believe him, to the extent he didn’t bring him on the day that Samuel was looking for a king in his house. He sent him to the bush, “you are not the kind we are looking for.” He didn’t have power.

He went to the war front and his brothers told him, “what are you looking for here?” He stood before Saul, Saul said, “you are not capable.”

And he stood Goliath and Goliath said, “Haba, why do you want to kill yourself?”

David stood with the unlikely tool in his hand. You see, when you are engraced, everything works in your hand. When you are operating by grace, everything works in your hand. Little stone, little sling, little strength, little boy and grace came upon David; the giant could not withstand the grace. After David returned from killing Goliath, Saul said, “who is this ? Look at him, so slim a boy.” He didn’t look like it, but grace confirmed him for it.


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