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Existence at the Top- Pastor Enenche (Sunday Service)

The scriptures made it abundantly clear that, the top is the place for God’s people – the very top. That is, God has no other place in mind for His people, except the very top in excellence, in authority and in various realms and endeavours of life.

The question is; what does it mean to exist at the top?
1). It means to be outstanding and exceptional in one’s field of endeavour or assignment. That is, you stand out in what you do (Genesis 41:39-40, 1 Samuel 16:18). In your field of endeavour; in construction, when people see your structures, they stand out. In architecture, when they see your handwork, it stands out. In music, it stands out. In interior design, it stands out. In the practice of medicine, it is absolutely outstanding; you are the outstanding neurosurgeon, the outstanding cardiothoracic surgeon – that is the place God has for His people.

2). It means existing as a leader who influences multitudes positivity in your field of endeavour or assignment. That is, when they call the leaders in the field, they call you; those who shape policies, who form policies; those whose opinions matter in that field – they call you (Judges 7:17, 1 Samuel 18:7).

In your field, you are the reference that the younger ones want to attain to; “I want to be a neurosurgeon like Dr. Benjamin Carson, I want to be a property developer like so and so.” You are leader at the front and that is what God has made the Church to be in all fields of human endeavour; in science, Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton – right at the forefront.

That is what God has made the Church to be. In the days of Abraham, he was the leader in Agriculture; Abraham set up the ranching system. In the days of Isaac – irrigation farming. In the days of Jacob, the technology of genetic engineering started, I believe with him.

They were all leaders in the field; in commerce and production. In the days of Job, he was right in front, he was the greatest of the men of the East. That is the plan and the purpose of God for His people.

I want every trace of mediocrity to die from your head, I want every trace of inferior existence to die from your head, I want every stamp of low self-esteem to die out of your head.

What is the purpose of existence at the top?

Why does God want me to be at the top? Is it so that I can brag and show what I can become or anything? I’ll give you three reasons, why God wants us at the top:
1). To represent God/to represent the authority and the excellence of our God to our generation. God wants us to be up, so we can represent the authority and the excellence of our God to our generation (Genesis 1:26-27, Psalm 8:3-9). People can’t see God, but they can see you.

When they see you, they are meant to be reminded of how God looks like in dignity, authority, excellence, performance, influence and realm of operations; they are meant to be reminded of how God looks like. You are the visible representative of the Invisible God; the physical personality of the Invisible Personality they can’t see. There’s something about you that will make them know how your Father looks like.

Many years ago, we travelled to Benue State, this will like 15-20 years ago, my little baby was a baby growing up and down and one of my friends, we grew up together, he looked at me and he said, “this is, he called my local name; this baby running up and down, this is Idoko’s child.” I said yes, she’s my daughter. He didn’t even know, he just saw semblance, something in the baby just reminded him of his age mate appearance and look.

Somebody said to me many years ago; “you preach like your father.” I said, “Ha, does my father preach?” He said, “you didn’t know? 1947 to the 50s, he used to do Morning Cry in the village.” I went and asked my father at home; “do you preach?” He said, “Haba, we are the ones who have original fire.” He said he can preach on empty stomach for seven days, no food, in those days in the village.

I didn’t know, I wasn’t there but something inside me reminded somebody of my father. He said, my father, on Christmas Eve, from night till morning in the village. That is how it is in the realm of the Spirit.

Something about you should remind people of your God. God is up, you are not meant to be down. He is the Most High, you are not permitted to be the most low. He is on the top of His game; you are not permitted to be under in your game. They are reminded of the authority, audacity; there’s something about you that is not common, that is not earthly; there’s something about you that is celestial, that is Heavenly, superior; they can’t trace any trace of inferiority around you at all.

That is what makes some people angry with us, because you have such a God, such an audacity and authority; you don’t feel inferior, you can’t be intimidated, nobody looks down on you, you talk with force and authority, so they are wondering; what kind of person is this?
If you are moving about apologizing; “I am very sorry, did I offend you?” Just moving like chicken that rain beat, then they will be very happy with you. But if you move with chest out and you say, “I can’t beg, I can’t borrow.”
Response: What kind of person is this? In this economy, who do you think you are?

Let me warn you ahead of time; on your way up, be very ready for jealous people; envy, jealousy, hatred and bitterness. If you are on the floor, they leave you alone. If you are in the pit, you are their friend. If you are not doing anything significant with your life, you are a good person.

But if you are ever doing anything significant with your life, enemies will become friends for your sake. They will just be united for your sake. But what anointing is doing, annoyance can’t stop.

God wants us to represent the authority and the excellence of our God to our generation. They look at you; you remind them of what it means to serve God, what it means to live for God, what it means to have the nature of God in your life, what it means to be the offspring of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, what it means to be the child of the Most High, the all-wise God, the One who owns the silver and the gold.

2). To administer and govern earthly systems and institutions with Kingdom principles; to show the world, how Heaven does things, how the King of kings does His things. In so doing, we are saturating the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

When an unbeliever or a sinner is in place, he does the things the way his unbeliever’s mindset and the devil, his father directs him to do. But when a child of God is in a place, over a place; he will govern that place, administer that place according to Kingdom principles.

We saw that in the life of Joseph in Egypt and in Daniel 3:29-30, Daniel 6:1-3. There was a Spirit in Daniel that made him to do things differently, Kingdom way and Kingdom style and because of that Spirit that was in Daniel, they set him over the whole realm.

So, God wants us to teach the world integrity, for example in the workplace, to teach the world principles of honesty, principles of truthfulness, faithfulness, productivity, promptness of duty and several things. That is, by being over the systems, you are preaching the Gospel with what you do without saying anything with your mouth; to administer and govern the systems of the earth with Kingdom principles.

People will watch you for a while and they say, you do things very differently. There’s a way you do things; who are you? Where are you from? Then, you will be able to introduce yourself to them.
Who are you? Where are you from?
There’s a way you look, there’s a way you talk, there’s a way you move, there’s a way you carry out your things, there’s even a spirit behind what you do; there’s a calmness, there’s a climate you carry and by the time they are able to see that, then the systems can be influenced.

Somebody brought his staff to the Church here and he asked me to pray for them. The staff, oil and gas, hospitality and so on; they are into a couple of things. After praying for them, he said to me, anybody in this organization who does not know career and workplace wisdom, cannot work in our office. The little book that I wrote on career and workplace wisdom, you know what he did?

He said, you all, what is wisdom one? They recited it. Wisdom two? They recited it. Wisdom three, wisdom four… They recited it verbatim. He said, they have to recite it every morning.
Business moves from hundreds of millions to billions. One of our officers here, a member of the Ushering Unit here, she’s a high player in her office by applying principles of the Kingdom in the office. If they want to give an account from a hundred million and above, they look for her; “administer that account for us.” She said by the operation of that wisdom, winning international awards, global! That’s what God wants us to do; to show the world how to do it, to administer systems with Kingdom principles.

3). To literally attract people to our Maker by the display of excellence, outstanding performance and frontline existence. That is, you display so much essence, you are so outstanding in your performance, you are at the forefront in existence and they know that you are a Christian. Everybody is attracted to excellence and quality carries its own publicity (Matthew 5:14, Isaiah 61:9).

Excellence is more evangelistic than utterance. There are people who will follow you to Church because of how you look. There are people who will follow you to church because of what you do, because of the results you produce. Who is attracted to mediocrity? Nobody, except other mediocre. You are always failing in class, always doing the assignment in the office upside down and then you are giving them handbills to follow you to church; “to follow you to which church, so I can become like you? No!”

But when you are outstanding, one of our classmates in the University in those days, he’s now a big man, a director. He said, one reason why he read with my group; myself and two other brothers who are Christians; one reason why he read with us was that, he was sure that if he read with us, he’ll pass. He had already failed and repeated one class and met us in the class, but he studied around with us because he said, he was sure that if he read with us, he will pass and he passed. Our final MBA, medicine and surgery final, all the questions we revised, we went into the hall and saw them. That is, without preaching, there are people who are attracted to you. That is why you must make up your mind that you will not be a mediocre.


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