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Nigeria Gospel Music Minister, the Ijo Jesu crooner , Raymond Oyinpreye Nimizigha aka BIG RAY  , has a word for his fans and the Gospel music landscape, the telecom engineer opened up on his reason behind his Big Hit ” Ijo Jesu” in an exclusive interview with Henotace Media.

Henotace Media: Can we Meet You Sir ?

Big Ray: Ok
My names are Raymond Oyinpreye Nimizigha aka big ray

Henotace Media: Sir, You are popularly known as Big Ray, What’s the Inspiration behind the Name ?

Big Ray: My name is Raymond and I am big

Henotace Media: May We know Sir , How did Your Journey into Gospel Music begin ?

Big Ray: It all started way back o!
Have been in the game for like 20yrs now..
I started through praise and worship..

Henotace Media: Can you tell us more about the beginning days ,Sir ?

Big Ray: Ok
Like I said it started through praise and worship,from there I started scoring peoples songs.. And I now mixing worldly songs to gospel songs,from there I started writing my own songs and that’s where we are today..

Henotace Media: You just released a song “ijo Jesu”, which is a unique blend .
Can you tell us sir, what is your vision for that song ?.

Big Ray: Ok
Ijo Jesu is a song for all music lover both Christians and unbelievers..
The concept I had when I was writing the song was to reach out to the lost ones out there I wanted them to know that you can still gbese in the house of God..

Henotace Media: What of those that feel your song should be classified as worldly because of the beats, what do you have to say to them ?

Big Ray: Well they can say whatever the like because criticism is welcomed because even our Lord Jesus Christ was criticize..so who I be na..for the beat I wanted it to be danceable song that is why I use that phrase ” different from the norm” so make Dem no vex

Henotace Media : Do you have any mentor (s) in Gospel Music Industry, and tell us how they inspired you

Big Ray: Yes I have o!
Even do say I senior some and some of Dem senior me, Paulchisom that guy inspires me a lot.. Freke Umoh, Preye Odede my Ijaw brother.., Timigodfrey baba o!
Pastor Best Ojo one good worshipper I dey like sit down hear am sing..
And sorry so o!em no be gospel artist o!but I like is carriage Don Jazzy abeg make una no vex o!

Henotace Media: It use to be Trend that Gospel music Ministers go into secular, that is changing now. What do you feel is the reason for that ?

Big Ray: I think they have seen that there is nothing out there because the Bible says out there is tribulation but in Him which is Christ and the church you will find peace that’s why I believe they prefer to stay in Him.. bcoz my brother there is nothing out dere na Oluwa sure pass o!

Henotace Media: You have a lot of fans out there, do you have any word of assurance for them that you will not shift grounds.


Big Ray: I will never do that
Like I said Oluwa na em sure pass
So it is God all the way..

Henotace Media: Sir, can you give us an hint , what to expect, from Big Ray ,(An Album, Videos )

Big Ray: Am dropping the video for Ijo Jesu soon and maybe an EP this year..
Maybe album next year Am still dropping more singles though..

Henotace Media: Where Do You See Nigeria Gospel Music Industry in the Next 5 years

Big Ray: We are taking over o!
Because na we be the Originator of the tin na! “Lucifer” God pikin before o!
You can see what’s happening now in the industry the like of baba Timi,Beejay sax,Mama Sinach and the rest no do show in Eko hotel and suites..just dey watch we are coming out strong..
No be Kanye West don give em life to Christ..don’t mind me o!
This is just me!!

Henotace Media : Thanks for the time sir, last words for fans

Big Ray : Ok they should be expecting more good songs from big ray..




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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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