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[Exclusive Interview] Grace Gvoice; I Explored Other Talents That God Gave Me But I kept music At The Background”

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Anointed Singer and Worshipper Grace Gvoice was in an exclusive interview with Henotace media, she unveils the inspiration behind her hit song “Close to you“, according to the multi- talented gospel artiste, it was through God’s grace she had to focus on music having won many awards in her other talents.

Have a swell time with Grace Gvoice.

Henotace : Can we Meet You Ma ?

Grace Gvoice : Hello, I am Grace Gvoice

Henotace : Why did you adopt the name “Gvoice” ?

Grace Gvoice : I adopted the name because it just came that way some time in 2012. I kept using the name while I waited on God for the meaning and just last year, God told me He’s called me to stand and be his voice to the world

Exclusive Interview] Grace Gvoice; I explored other talents that God gave me but I kept music at the background"
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Henotace : Does Gvoice have a past that we need to learn from ?

Grace Gvoice : Yes. I didn’t define my path early. I explored other talents that God gave me but I kept music at the background. Although I won several awards doing other things but I should have focussed on music much earlier than I did.

Henotace : About your salvation experience, how early was it, and can you tell us about it ?


Grace Gvoice : It was in the year 2006. I got saved in Secondary School during a scripture union program back then. I’m grateful I had the right friends very early enough

Henotace : So you have lived straight up , ever since then ?

Grace Gvoice : By God’s grace, yes. But there have been hurdles but God has never left my side.

Henotace : Tell us about your other talents and awards that you won .

Grace Gvoice : I dance, I’ve won several quiz competitions, gospel beauty pageants, spelling bees, etc. I won the third edition of UNIBEN spelling Bee (season 3), several others that I’ll have to rack my brain to recall.

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Henotace : Your Song “Close to You” is currently trending in the internet, what’s the inspiration behind it.

Grace Gvoice : Just the holy spirit. When God has given the instruction and man obeys and follows it, it always results in testimonies. I’ve done mine, God is doing His .

Henotace : What’s the next move for Gvoice , what should we expecting ?

Grace Gvoice : I’m currently working on the video of the song, and soon enough, it’ll be available I’m also open to invitations as the spirit enables me.

Henotace : Do you have mentors in the gospel music industry ?

Grace Gvoice : Yes, I do.

I have JustinMuzik who’s also been like a father and a friend

I have Michael Oyelade

Faithful Banuna, AKA Faithful B. has been a source of encouragement. Michael Oyelade has been like a father, an encourager and a supporter I’m inspired by Mercy Chinwo and GUC.

Henotace : Which of your mentors would you dream of being in same stage ministering with, if you are given the opportunity

Grace Gvoice : All of them, Mercy Chinwo, especially

Henotace : Your song is spirit filled, did you have any encounter that lead to the song ?

Grace Gvoice :

Yes. I was just worshipping and I believe I was playing the song Desperate, by GUC.

Close to you just started to flow and even in the studio, the Lord kept building the song.

Henotace : Any last words from you to your fans

Grace Gvoice : Yes.

I want to say I love you all. Thank you for your support and encouragement so far. By the grace of God, you all will attain the heights you’ve been working and praying to attain.

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Discover your purpose early and surround yourself with the right people.

Once again, I love you all

Henotace Team (7)

David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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