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Excellency of Wisdom(chapter 7) Book Review By David Oshin

Excellency of wisdom book review- chapter 4

Salvation has beauty to offer man,Salvation is a translation from darkness to light from the Devil’s Domain to God’s beautiful kingdom, The kingdom of sweetness, glory and honor, Salvation adds color to life, it adds genuine color to life, it orders a man’s step and places him where he belongs, Now, as beautiful as all these plans are, they don’t happen on their own.

Firstly, we need to understand Salvation affects the three aspects of man’s existence.
* The Spirit
* The Soul
*The Body
At salvation, the life force of God is released into the three spheres of man, with the entrance of Jesus into our lives
With the spirit of man, he relates to God because God is a spirit.
With the mind( the seat of wisdom), he sorts out issues and provides solution to bugging matters.
And with the body, he carries out the dictates of the mind.
Man has known too much about the spirit.
We haven’t explored the capacity of our minds, before we can take charge of our world.
We need to use our minds productively because in Christ, we have the mind of Christ(1 Cor 2:16).
Great possibilities exist in the covenant, but only the productive use of the mind will take you there.
The bible said, without your mind, I will do nothing.(Philemon 1:14)
The reason nothing has been happening in our lives is because of our minds.

We havent put it to productive use, Believers mainly focus on fasting and prayers, we also need to sharpen our minds to take over our world.An idle mind will lead to an idle life,A productive mind will lead to a productive life.

Believers have ruled in the spirit, it’s time to rule the world with a productive, God centered, word renewed mind.


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