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Even DUMMIES can build websites !

Even DUMMIES can build websites
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I understand how difficult it has been for you to own your own website, you need coding, vast in ICT and all that they tell you. , well, the code has been cracked , even dummies can build a beautiful, well functional website.
If you read the post to the end, you will discover how easy it is to build one. 
Are you into real estate, fashion business, or even blogging thinking of how difficult it is to build a website that serves your business venture or services,your worries are over .I was once in your shoes, trust me, i know how it feels. I had always wanted to build a beautiful website , but they lied to me; i needed the knowledge of coding but passion kept me going, i didnt stop, but today not only do build websites, i now teach people who how to build. I know you really want to know. This book is a dummy classic, it explains in details how to build that classic website of your dreams, the book is a step 2 step guide! Find out what am saying .

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In this Book You Will Learn

*What a website is

*Difference between a website and blogs

*Hosting and Domains

*How to build a WordPress website

*How to build a news website

*How to build a music website

*How to build an e-commerce website and much more.

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