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Some of the attacks that some of our leaders have experienced in Churches especially people rising up and saying; “what that person is saying or preaching is not correct”. Some of the attacks were born out of massive envy and competitive jealousy.

Little minded people who are absolutely irrelevant, who will not amount to nothing on earth because what you attack, you can’t attract.

So they begin to attack those they envy; those they cannot become like and it is not of him that willeth or runneth; it is of God that showeth mercy. They began to contradict what Paul was preaching, they began to neutralise what Paul was saying… “No, no, no. That is not correct. He is saying something else”.

Can you imagine that envy can leave worldly things and also enter into the Gospel? So don’t be shocked that envy left that realm and entered the Gospel.

The basic reason for this preaching is to make everyone here to be envy-free because I’ve heard from one or two persons, “When I got promotion, congratulations were low”. I’ve heard from people; “I had a lot of friends until my wedding cards came out and then those who will greet me and congratulate me became few because wedding card came out”.

A wise person who has character and who does not have envy can withstand the success of people. I wish people well as a seed from my life. If I say it should be well with you, no devil can say it should be evil with me. If I say you should become everything God wants to you to become, no devil can stop me from becoming who I am meant to become; no devil born in hell and what you are to become cannot stop what I’m to become.

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Envy makes people silly, foolish, childish in behaviour.

Whatever you attack, you can never attract. Whatever you hate you can’t have, whatever you don’t like, you must lack.

I heard from my father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo, He said; “those who strive for excellence; they don’t strive with people”.

If you are gunning for the front, you have no time to quarrel with the people around; you don’t have the time. There is something right there in front of you, you are heading for and you have no time to strive with people in the background.


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David (143)


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