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Engaging the Power of Faith for the Fulfillment of Prophecy | Bishop David Oyedepo (Pt. 2A)

Mind your spiritual life because everything about you is spiritually controlled.
You cannot be spiritually outstanding and not be generally outstanding.

You cannot be heavenly-minded and not be earthly-impactful.
God speaks according to His capacity and not your limitations.

Whatever God says carries the power to deliver.
Your faith can bring an end to every unwanted situation in your life.
When you set your affection on things above, you will never lose value on earth.

Beware of casting aspersions on God and His Word; it can be costly.
You need to come up with a prophetic perspective of the scriptures. It will settle you for life.
God speaks according to His integrity, not your ability to interpret what He says.

Man is always unpredictable but God is ever reliable and ever dependable.
Do not keep careless friends so you won’t sell your birthright.

Jealously guard your inheritance in Christ. – Matt. 7:6
God’s word is the most tested and proven prophetic resource bank. – Ps. 12:6
Cultivate a prophetic perspective of the Word; it is not a history book.

You need a strong prophetic perspective of scriptures to secure your glorious future.
Prophetic scriptures are the most prophetic resources available. – Pro. 14:28, John 15:16

How Powerful are Prophecies?

Prophecies carry inbuilt power for fulfillment. Luke.1:35-38

God speaks according to His integrity not according to your predictability.

There is nothing God says He will do that He won’t do when you play your part.

You must put your faith on the line to see prophecies fulfilled.
You don’t wait to see prophecies fulfilled; you work your way towards the fulfillment of prophecies.

Communion Ministration

The table set before you is declared as the flesh and the blood of Jesus. May these two vital forces open your eyes to realms of greater revelation. I decree seamless access to new realms of revelation that will keep your faith burning and establish you in the realm of settlement!

Your days of career stagnation are over!

Your days of business stagnation are over!

The battle of unrest is over in your life!

Take the Communion and enjoy your settlement for life!

No more sickness and disease, no more oppression of the devil!

In Jesus’ name!
Taking pleasure in the matters of the kingdom is the automatic qualifier for fearful favor.
Proofs to Validate Your Delight in the Kingdom

Engagement with Kingdom advancement prayers. – Matt. 6:10, 24:14

A kingdom advancement addict is a star in the making

Soul-winning endeavours.- 2 Cor. 5:17-20.

It is every believer’s responsibility to reconcile the world back to God.

Kingdom care covenant. – Gal. 6:10, Prov. 19:17.

Put a smile on someone’s face and you will never lose your smile.
You need to know your part and commit to playing your part to see prophecies fulfilled.

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