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#EndSars Bishop Oyedepo finally Opens Up ; The Youths have every Right to Protest

#EndSars Bishop Oyedepo finally Opens Up The Youths have every Right to Protest
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*I wish they said it with me in 2015 ; I have every moral right to be quiet
*I warned them as a Prophet in 2015; never been as much killings.
*We share the same feelings with the protesters

The founder of Living faith church, Bishop David Oyedepo has finally opened up on the #endsars movement, according to him ; we have been having spades of protests across the Nation, everyman has a legitimate right to express their displeasure and pains.
I kept quiet for a while, he said, because in 2015, I warned this Nation, vehemently and consistently. The most gruesome season in the history of this Nation is the last 5 years, now they have faced the youths and because they don’t know who is next, the youths have a right to say enough is enough.

Bishop Oyedepo explained that any system that doesn’t have value for human life is irrelevant. It will be a sacrilege to kill the youths who are protesting.

Bishop Oyedepo said the Youths have the right to protest, I warned this Nation about the incoming administration , i wish they have listened to me. Check the history of Nigeria, there has not killings like the last 5 years, it includes killing of CAN Chairman and displaying his head in a video.

Bishop Oyedepo decreed the judgement of God against those behind the wanton killings, he insisted that the Animal Farm of George orwell is more civilized than the Present Government, he prayed for the mercy of God on Nigeria, and he also prayed for the youths protesting.
Bishop Oyedepo said he was told the protests has gotten to Ojuore area near canaanland, he assured the protesters they share same feelings, he warned the members of the church to be law abiding and respect every legitimate protest.



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