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Each time you give for the gospel, you are presenting a platform for the preacher to stand to preach- Pastor Enenche Speaks

Each time you give for the gospel, you are presenting a platform for the preacher to stand to preach- Pastor Enenche Speaks

The beautiful scenario you are seeing from our crusades; the lightings, the stage, sound, LED screen and all the things you are seeing there; the resources put them together in millions, if we did not move our stage and we had to get a stage especially where we can’t move ours like in Ghana or somewhere, millions is responsible for the stage. So, when people give, maybe your money went into that stage, so you presented a platform from where the Gospel is preached.

Maybe, what you sowed went into the sound, so you’re amplifying the voice of that Gospel. Maybe it went into the lighting or publicity that brought in the people. That was what Peter did; Peter practically presented a stage with his ship, that Jesus sat on and later probably stood on to preach. I told you the story of a man who gives us his aircraft to carry us and carry the crusade team and he said, please just tell God, all the souls that should be won, let at least only one be allocated to me and my family for this little seed we have sown.




What is the outcome of evangelism?
a). Seeds for the Gospel that provide the platform for the preaching of the Gospel, attack life’s reproach and frustration. If you say the work of God should happen, no devil can attack the work of your hands. That was what happened to Peter. After Peter presented the platform (Luke 5:1-5), Jesus said I am aware that you’ve been struggling to fish and you couldn’t catch any fish, now you have made the work easy for me; I’ll make the work easy for you. Launch your net into the deep.

  • I prophesy to somebody here today, in the name of Jesus, as you connect with the preaching of the Gospel, your frustrations are over forever!
  • God is releasing upon you massive supplies that will change your story!

b). Man’s interest in the interest of God provokes God’s interest in the interest of man. If the things that interest God interest you, the things that interest you will interest God (John 15:16).

c). Giving for souls is laying up eternal treasures for eternal rewards (John 4:36). Last Sunday, I told you about one person who asked us to give him the crusade bill for Ghana crusade and when the bill was mentioned to him, now the crusade bill for outside the country is like three to four times the bill for inside the Country because for example in Ghana people transported diverse group of people.

Now multiple the international airfares and then, the coro test for everybody, you multiply the things and the hotel and all that. So when he was told the amount, he said; “Why can’t we just make it up to a hundred million? See the way people are thinking? I spoke to that person two days ago; “So, how are you doing?

Response: Fine, I’m in a meeting with a President of so and so country now.
Wait! But this other president is asking me to come immediately. So, I’m securing permission from this one to go and meet that one and then I’ll be returning back to this one tomorrow.”

That is how people reach that realm; not flying commercial but flying personal aircraft. Now, when I said that last Sunday, somebody who was not here heard it online and said; “I heard that somebody has paid for Ghana crusade, I want to pay for the Cameroon crusade.” He has already paid and added extra. Now, if we are talking of Cameroon crusade, we are not looking for offering for it now, it’s almost like the issue of Moses now in the wilderness.

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