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Destruction is faster than rebuilding. God has beautified and preserved South Africa 🇿🇦 granted her speed and making her enviable, oh government parastatals give a listening ear to the voice and cries of the land before it is too late. Let us not forget the labours of our founding fathers , let us respect and tread with caution, how we handle past leaders who paid the price for our great nation. Let us forgive their mistakes for peace to rain . I believe in the rule of law , nobody is above the law. The law is established for peace , law and order but where there is injustice , political witch hunt, there will be violence because law and order has been murdered.

The looting and violence are emblematic of the economic and social dislocation the pandemic has unleashed in many developing countries. Governments from Colombia to Lebanon, in addition to South Africa, lack the resources to provide the economic stimulus and social-security programs implemented in richer countries. Limited supplies of Covid-19 shots are also holding back the recovery, as fresh waves of infections continue to overwhelm hospitals and cause thousands of deaths. Say no to violence and looting.

The devil will always take advantage of situations, but a round table talk of agreement can go a long way into peace, unity and Love. I prophecy peace , calmness and restoration to South Africa in Jesus name.

Let Love Lead.

David (103)


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