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Dr Stella Immanuel – God has Called me to Bring Hope to a Terrified World

Dr Stella Immanuel - God has Called me to Bring Hope to a Terrified World
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  • Releases a Copy of Research under Dr Fauchi that Proves HCQ works.

Despite persecutions received from tech giants through social media platforms, Cameroon born, American Physician, Dr Stella Immanuel has refused to back out of her Covid 19 cure claims, according to her, God has called me to bring Hope to a terrified World, and she is not afraid of the censorship she has recieved, she tweeted this morning,
“God has called me in this season to usher in His life giving presence and bring hope to a terrified world. God has had mercy on us. He will turn things around soon and the enemy will be defeated. Soon! May our hearts be filled with hope in Jesus name”.

She also posted a research copy of the research she conducted under Dr fauchi that proves Hydroxine chloroquine works both for prevention and cure of Corona virus.

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Many tweeter users showed her love and support , while some were still against her claims .
The obvious question on the lips of her tweeter fans is why is a medical doctor censored and a college drop out and a tech. Expert allowed to give opinion on a medical issue.

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Read the opinion of one of her supporters

@ matthewtegha

This life is not just balanced…
Imagine Bill Gates who isn’t a physician can freely express his opinion on COVID-19 and Dr Stella Emmanuel a certified medical doctor cannot?

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