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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how the armies of the Philistines were gathered together at Shochoh, which belonged to Judah. The enemies of Israel had already gained grounds within the territory of Judah. The word Judah is interpreted to mean ‘Praise’. So the enemies of Israel were standing on the territory called ‘Praise’. They were standing on the ‘Praise’ of Israel. The territory that Israel lost to their enemies was the territory of ‘Praise’.

Friend, no matter what happens, never lose your praise to the enemy. Never allow the enemy to stand on your praise. Never let the Devil make an entry into your praise. Never allow the enemy deceive or mislead you into thinking that you have no more reasons to praise. Never allow the enemy to convince you to abandon your praise to God. Everything may not have worked according to expectations, but don’t let it steal your praise.

Praise is not what follows a successful event. Praise is the engine that makes great eventshappen. Praise is the environment that causes heaven to reach out to earth. Praise is the atmosphere that births huge possibilities. If you allow the enemy to steal your praise, you are invariably allowing him to steal the atmosphere that should work in your favour. If you allow the enemy stop your praise, he might actually stop your miracle.

In the kingdom we belong to, we don’t praise because of what has happened. We praise because we know the God we serve. We praise from the perspective of the finished work of Christ. We praise, not because of what eyes can see, but because of a God who rules over the affairs of men. Praise is what we do because we are birthed in Christ. Praise is what we do because we have an understanding of the God to whom we are called.

Remember, when we praise, there is a divine reaction, and the entire paraphernalia of divinity is unleashed on earth. No matter what happens, don’t allow anything to steal your praise.

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