Posted on 01/8/22 2:04 PM




Beware of speaking hurt against the Ministry you claim to be part of advancing, it’s a risk. Caution.
Beware of speaking hurt against a Prophet you claim to believe. It is dangerous. It can make a man leprous. It is dangerous.
We don’t have the data of how many victims that may have come from this warning, but I know quite some would have been victims.
The duty of priests is to discern between the living and the dead which Apostles and Prophets represent by giving timely warning.

One of the Leaders in this Nation said, “what we are saying now, Bishop is in his room. he is hearing.” When we give warnings, we give it based on prophetic insights. Caution.

Everyone has his life to live. Don’t let any seed of hatred or bitterness get sown into your life. It embitters life. It frustrates destinies.

Every prophet is ordained to be spoken against. So it is not a problem. It is already written. It is not that it is something that is new.

This Child (Jesus), the Prophet of prophets is set for the falling and the rising again of many and for a sign that shall be spoken of – Luke 2:34
It is the heritage of the Prophetic…

Ecclesiastes 5:6
-The works of your hand shall not be destroyed.

Caution! I mean caution. Don’t fight back when anyone speaks against your prophet. It is the heritage of such prophets, but don’t be the one speaking and be pretending to be part of it.
Don’t fight back. It is not necessary.

Is it not the one you heard that you are fighting? What of the many you didn’t hear? No.

It is our heritage to be spoken against. It is part of our package to be spoken against. Every Prophet of worth will never bother his head about people speaking against him, but for God not to speak against him.
I love you.

David (169)