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Does America Have A Problem With Cure Coming From Africa ?

Does America Have A Problem With Cure Coming From Africa ?
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The attack of social media giants, CNN and Guilds of Doctors America is rather shocking than annoying, with the death toll rising above 150,000 Americans, why are they standing against a proud product from Africa ? A Nigerian schooled Doctor with proofs of the cure to Covid . Could it be racism ? A pure blatant hatred for the black race. The fact that they insist because she is a black doctor , she is a witch and her medical practice cannot be trusted is nauseating. One succor is a line from Dr. Stella’s statement, America there is a cure! If you want to keep dying, its your choice.

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According to Dr Stella Immanuel, CNN, MSNBC, Twitter and Facebook, focuses on attacking and censoring me and any other real doctors that wants to treat Americans as corona virus deaths passed 150,000. FDA, State medical and phamacy boards watch as Americans die when early HCQ works. You are all murderers.
People arise and demand that you get treated early and put on prophylaxis. Talk to your doctor. You have the right to try.

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