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In our Focal Scripture, Solomon was anointed with oil that was taken from the tabernacle. This was the same oil that God instructed Moses on how it must be produced. The anointing oil in bible times, contained two sweeteners: the cinnamon and the cassia. So the oil that came on the life of Solomon to prepare him for kingship, was an oil of sweetness. God was simply adding sweetness to the life of Solomon. It was a rising that was backed with the oil of sweetness for the throne.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: you have the oil of sweetness. You have the oil of gladness. You have the oil that will make your life sweeter than ever before. God is about to sweeten your life with great testimonies that sound like lies. God is about to bring you experiences that will cause you to celebrate and be congratulated. God is causing an outbreak of sweet things in your life. God is bringing you sweet opportunities, sweet relationships, sweet experiences, etc.

You may have had your own fair share of bitter experiences all year long; but as 2023 gradually makes way for 2024, may God bring you sweet experiences that will cause you to forget whatever sad experiences that came earlier. As the year draws to a close, may God cause you to have experiences that will make you celebrate. May God replace every pain with congratulations. May God replace mourning with dancing.

After God ordered that the entire contents of the tabernacle be anointed with oil in Exodus 30, He decreed that whatsoever came in contact with the oil would be holy. Today, I decree, because God has anointed you with the oil of sweetness, whatsoever you touch will become sweetened. Your marriage is sweetened; your career is sweetened; your business is sweetened; your ministry is sweetened; sweetness follows you wherever you go.

Your bitter days are over. Your sweet days have just begun. Your ashes are replaced with beauty; mourning is replaced with the oil of joy.

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