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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how the wise men were warned by God in a dream, that they should not return to Herod. An angel of the Lord also appeared to Joseph, and he fled with Jesus and His mother to Egypt until Herod died. By divine revelation, both the wise men and Joseph escaped the traps of Herod. By divine revelation, the evil that Herod packaged for Jesus was scuttled. By divine revelation, Herod was put to shame.

Friend, you may end up a victim of the Herod’s of this world if you fail to operate with divine revelation. You may end up with much capacity but without much impact if you fail to operate with divine revelation. You may miss major targets that you should have hit if you fail in the place of divine revelation. You may indeed be loaded with ideas and abilities, but they may not fetch you much in the absence of divine revelation.

Herod seemed like one who truly cared about the birth of a new king, but his secret agenda was to have the child killed; and he would have succeeded if divine revelation did not rescue the wise men. Joseph would have also ended in the trap of Herod, if not for the fact that God opened his eyes to see the evil plan ahead. If you lack divine revelation, you just might blindly fall into, and end up in traps you should have escaped.

I pray for you: may your eyes be open to discern the Herod’s around you. May your eyes see through the evil plots of the Herod’s of this world. May God open your eyes to see through the smiles of the wicked ones around you. May your eyes be opened to see the secret plots hatched against you by those currently smiling at you. May your eyes be opened to see what steps you need to take in order to gain the right results.

Don’t be counted amongst them that operate only with what human eyes can see. Let your eyes be opened to see divine revelations that will help you navigate in a world filled with Herod’s.

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