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Day 3 Hour of Visitation by Pastor David Jnr.

Day3 hour of visitation by PST David jnr


To be more than a conqueror is dominance without resistance.

It means that what troubled you before now, begins to tremble at your instance. – Ps. 114:6-7

The dimension of being more than a conqueror is a product of revelation. – John 1:4-5

Revelation remains a potent force towards the practical dominion of the redeemed.

To erase your stress, you must operate by light.

When you operate by revelation, you experience advancement without restrictions.

The value of revelation cannot be experienced without its application – James 1:23

You cannot see the value of any commandment until you comply with it.

God’s word is a seed and just like a seed, no Word can manifest without being planted through its application. – Luke 8:11, Mark 4:31-32

Where application is absent, revelation is barren.

A man that carries God on his inside cannot be confronted or challenged.

The cheapest way to be more than a conqueror is to secure divine presence.

The secret to levelling your mountain is moving with God – Isa. 45:1-2

Your obedience is the secret to divine intervention. When your obedience is complete, God’s intervention commences.

Importance of Application of Revelation

1. Application is the secret to divine presence. – John 8:29

2. Obedience is what gives life to our faith. – James 2:18,26

3. Obedience is the trigger for divine intervention – John 2:5

4. Obedience is the force behind the fulfilment of prophecy. – Josh. 11:15

You gain access to the spirit of obedience through prayer. – Luke 11:13


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