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Daniel Dozie releases an awestruck song titled: “Chinesom”

Daniel Dozie releases an awestruck song titled: “Chinesom”
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Energetic Nigerian-Canadian Gospel Singer rebrands from Dani-EL to “Daniel Dozie” and releases an awestruck Afro-beat song titled: “Chinesom” with a studio colour video.

Daniel Dozie is releasing “Chinesom” following his first single “Lambano” which was released in December 2019 that has graced the listening of many music lovers across the world.

“Chinesom” by Daniel Dozie is an Igbo word which translates to “God with Me” is yet another sound experiment that talks about the power of God with a captivating beat with the fusion of Yoruba Chant and English garnished lyrics will get you moving your body, dancing to God with joy, thanking God for His many blessings on your life and family.

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Daniel Dozie will continue to display boldness in making music as he got other trailing songs coming your way soonest. Meanwhile, enjoy and vibe in the Holy Ghost to “Chinesom”

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Chinesom Lyrics by Daniel Dozie


Chant:Agbara to ju agbara. 3x

Agbara to ju agbara lo.

Agbara to ju agbara. 3x(Chinesom ooo)

Agbara to ju agbara lo.

Agbara to ju agbara. 3x (Great and Mighty God)

Agbara to ju agbara lo.Verse 1.

If no be youWho go lift me off my feet( Hele Wawa.2×)uh oh oh

Who go give me Victory?(Hele Wawa. 2x)You no dey shout ooo, cos you know my destiny. (Hele Wawa.2x)

As long as you say it, I will trust you endlessly.


Akwa Chinesom ooooChinesom oooo 2x(repeat)

Akwa gi bu dikeChinesom ooo

Akwa gi bu dikeChinesom ooo.

Chant:Agbara to ju agbara. 3x (Ehhh, Ohh)

Agbara to ju agbara lo (Great and Mighty God, that’s who you are)

Agbara to ju agbara. 3x (Mighty in all your way. oooo)

Agbara to ju agbara lo

Agbara to ju agbara. 3xAgbara to ju agbara lo.Verse 2.No, be play (No be play)

We can’t do it on our own (Hele Wawa. 2x)Dem dey use us play( Use us play)

Dem no know say we be your own (Hele Wawa. 2x)So prepare the table, make we chop in front of dem( Hele Wawa. 2x)Eh, that’s why when I say Lambano

All of dem give thanks and praiseOh yes, you make me wanna dance.Chorus:Akwa Chinesom ooooChinesom oooo 2x(repeat)Akwa gi bu dike

Chinesom oooAkwa gi bu dikeChinesom ooo.Chant:Agbara to ju agbara. 3x (Ooooo. alagbada inò)Agbara to ju agbara lo.Agbara to ju agbara. 3x ( You are, you are …Chinesom)Agbara to ju agbara lo.

Agbara to ju agbara. 3xAgbara to ju agbara lo.Lord, I worship You…Uh oh, E ehh…

Eulogy to God (In the Yoruba Language)(Hele Wawa)Till end…

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