Cultist Meets Jesus In Bishop Oyedepo’s Outreach


“I want to appreciate the Lord for fighting my battles for me. Indeed our God is still in the business of doing the unimaginable.
I lost my dad while I was still very little and we lived in Kaduna. I had to struggle for myself.
When I gained admission to the University, I joined a cult group in Kaduna Polytechnic. A fight broke out and we had to leave school.
Not long after, I got another admission into the University of Calabar and later became the executioner in my cult.
A day without blood became a day without sunshine for me. I was hired by a politician who wanted to contest at Imeko in Ogun State.
I was on that mission to Ijebu-Ode to go and do ‘jass’ when I called my friend.
He said he was at Ota in a herbalist’s place and that I should meet him there. It was at Oju-Ore in Ota when I saw a crowd gathered and they said
Bishop Oyedepo was preaching. I had never seen him before, so I went closer to see him. It was there God arrested me.
On Sunday, July 9, I came to Canaanland for Covenant Day of Vengeance and Communion Service. Since I was born, I don’t think I have entered church up to 5 times.
After taking communion that day, I vomited and was stooling. Even when my friend said we should go and enjoy ourselves, I said no.
I could not do those things I wanted to do. Later I packed the talisman I had and burned them.
I never really believed in God because even pastors use us for jobs. I had this notion about pastors until I met Bishop David Oyedepo .
I noticed there was something different about him and he told me about Christ. God arrested me and I became fully involved in all the church activities, including attending the Believer’s Foundation Class and Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) .
Meanwhile, there is a juju sacrifice that every executioner had to carry out once he hands over. I was still in power when I came to church and was living in Canaan land.
They started calling me to come and hand over, I told them that I was no longer interested and that they should give their lives to God.
Some days before the Covenant service of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , the juju priest called me and said If I don’t come back and do the ritual I would die immediately.
I remember Papa said we should reject negative things and speak boldly. With this understanding, I told him, “I will not die but it is you that will die.” By Sunday morning, I got a call that the juju priest had died.
I have come to return all the glory to God because He never fails His children.”
Source : Faith lifestyle blog

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