[Covid 19] Fear is Most Deadly of All Viruses – Bishop Oyedepo

[Covid 19] Fear is Most Deadly of All Viruses - Bishop Oyedepo
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The president of living faith church worldwide, bishop David oyedepo described fear as the most deadly of all viruses, speaking at the covenant hour prayer this morning, bishop oyedepo revealed that what the enemy is doing is to instill fear in people by a very heartless propaganda of corona virus.

The prophet of God revealed that there are forces behind it, yes the devil , but through his agents driving it. The purpose is to instill fear in people, that’s why they said , you can have and not know, so people can always live in the fear of it. Can you have pain and not know ? he asked.

They are all schemes of the devil, and the only answer to fear is the word, that’s why the devil wants to shut down the walls of the churches, according to bishop oyedepo, a lot of churches have never met since the pandemic lock down began, Thank God, living faith has the platform to reach out to many , what of those churches who have no platform whatsoever to reach their membership ?

Bishop Oyedepo cursed the devil behind the virus (noisome pestilence) and prayed against anyone playing politics with human lives, the authorities are asking why there is no corona virus in some states, they are wondering why there is no corona virus ! Did you hear the joke from Tanzania ? he asked , samples of goats, sheeps and pawpaw tested positive for corona virus, that’s the scheme behind the virus. Did you hear the supreme court judgement yesterday on the evil vaccines that they want to use to kill the world. He therefore prayed against the devil’s schemes and devices.

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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.


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