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[Covid 19] Bishop Oyedepo Defends Dr Stella ; The World Will Discover That They Have Been Deceived

[Covid 19] Bishop Oyedepo Defends Dr Stella ; The World Will Discover That They Have Been Deceived
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Every Positive Report About The Cure For Corona Virus is Doused Because of Demonic Agenda For Vaccines
Bishop Oyedepo Curses the evil agenda of the Enemy

President of Living Faith Church World Wide, Bishop David Oyedepo revealed the evil agenda behind the Corona Virus Pandemic, he insists the world will discover they have been deceived , speaking at the covenant hour of prayer today, Bishop Oyedepo explained that he had said it severally that Corona Virus is a noise from hell, according to him, he watched the video of the front line doctors talking about the cure to Covid 19, He therefore revealed that there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed, every positive report that has been given towards the cure to covid 19 that is contrary to their evil propaganda is doused, it is not allowed to have expression because of the evil machinations of the perpetrators, but now they will know that God’s greatest interest in the earth is the souls of men. Bishop oyedepo also explained that Corona Virus is just like fever, there is no week living faith church doesn’t record testimonies of people healed from Corona Virus. Corona Virus is just evil intentions, evil schemings. According to him, Someone came and said we have found a cure, they say it is not relevant, they got it off Facebook, they got it off YouTube just to keep their propaganda going, he therefore cursed the evil agenda of the enemy, in his words, everyone after the souls of men to destroy them will all be destroyed! if someone could come out to say we have treated 350 people with this drug and none died and they say its not necessary, so what is necessary? To kill them is necessary or to force your demonic vaccines on human race, who knows what you have inside it, to turn human beings to properties for wealth sake, for political reasons, Corona Virus is all about the noise, the world will soon discover they have been grossly deceived.

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