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MESSAGE TITLE: Unlocking the Supernatural (Pt. 3A)

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” – John 3:8

The supernatural is the product of your obedience of faith. The knowledge of who you are is what determines what you can do. New Birth is only accessible by genuine repentance. You share the same authority with Christ when you are born again.


Who Are You In Christ?

You are redeemed as an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ. – Rom. 8:17

You have been redeemed to command dominion over death. – 1 Cor. 15:26, Isa. 25:6-8

Fear is the bait of the destroyer and the only cure for fear is faith. The Holy Ghost is the mastermind of the supernatural. – Joel 2:28-30. Satan had the keys of death, he lost it. Jesus got the keys at resurrection and He’s holding that key on your behalf. Be committed to spiritual growth so you can stop groaning. There is no special anointing reserved for Apostles and Prophets, it is only given to those who ask for it. – Luke 11:13.

Empowerment to give is what culminates into empowerment for wealth. You cannot be empowered for wealth until you are empowered to give. When God empowers you, all the forces of hell cannot stop you as long as you continue your walk with Him.

Authority is conferred based on your commitment to serve God. – Matt. 13:34-36. Your commitment to spiritual growth is what defines your level of authority.


Your commitment to Christ and the interest of His kingdom gives you access to God’s manifest presence which launches you into the realm of the supernatural. – Acts 10:38.

Satan had the keys of death, he lost it. Jesus got the keys at resurrection and He’s holding the keys on your behalf. When you are committed to God’s sole cause, then He is committed to being with you all the way.

How To Unlock What You Carry

Continue to desire an increase in your level of anointing. – Acts 4:33, Joel 2:28-30, Luke 4:14.

Understand that you have the authority to command the supernatural. – Mark 16:17-20, Luke 9:1, 6

Covenant Day of Open Doors Ministration

You are redeemed to enjoy the covenant of open doors as a way of life. – Rev. 3:7-8

For you to enjoy open doors, you must recognize that you are redeemed to enjoy open doors as a way of life.

When God becomes your helper, no agent can frustrate you.

To maintain open doors, get openly identified with Jesus.

The anointing opens impossible doors but a next-level anointing demands a thirst and a longing. – Isa. 44: 3, 5

You cannot change levels without changing your lifestyle. If you must step up, clean up!


Anointing Ministration

The content of your bottle is declared the Holy anointing oil. It shall deliver its mission!

By this anointing, I command the opening of doors in your life!

As this anointing comes on you, I decree the shattering of every iron gate on your path!

As this oil comes on you, every mark of the devil on you shall return to its source!

By this anointing, no gang up of hell will succeed on your path!

I pray that this anointing will turn you loose to serve God continually!

The burden of sickness, disease, crisis and yoke is destroyed in your life!

Put a little of the oil on your fingertip and put it on your forehead as you begin to declare the opening of every impossible door in your life.

Take a shot of the oil and give God the glory.

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