[CHOP] Spiritual Stewardship Pays the Most


Covenant hour of prayer for September 23 2023
Among the dimension of stewardship in the kingdom is financial stewardship. You don’t wait for change of story, you engage with his commandment to experience a change of story.

Stop waiting for change of story, engage to provoke a change of story, you can treat his word with levity and expect him to treat you with dignity.

Giving towards kingdom advancement endeavors advances people. There was a call to build the Tabernacle in time of moses, moses told them to give as they were willing and God kept blessing them daily.

The blessings of the lord maketh rich and added no sorrow to it. God’s blessings demand you be a blessing to sustain the blessing.

No one can be blessed without a commitment to be a blessing, not a good man in town, a philanthropist, it has to be kingdom first.

God’s kingdom thrives on the prosperity of the saints. He passes his treasures through us as channels, he is not in need.

You need the mentality, he gives what is in your hand to see what you will do with it.

Serving the interest of the kingdom brings us in favor with God. we receive fearful favor that humbles kings, when we do not mind the advancement of the kingdom with your resources, it can stop the resources of God coming in your direction.

No matter how much you receive, it is not equal to prosperity, it is what you give that equals to prosperity.

Until you are a tighter, you are not a beginner, if you can’t give 10%, is it you that Will give heavily to kingdom advancement.

God does not need your tithe, you need it

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