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Chapter 9

Three Anointings
Scripture reveals three anointings of the Holy Spirit. Knowledge of them will help bring your potential as a Christian into focus.
The Leper’s Anointing
First is the leper’s anointing. Leviticus 14 teaches that the leper remained outside the camp and that the priest was to go out to him and apply the blood of the
sacrifice, bring him into the camp, apply the blood again, and then apply oil, making “atonement for him before the Lord.” Every born-again believer has experienced the leper’s anointing, which deals with salvation. Leprosy in this case is a type of sin, incurable in the natural
world, but curable by God. Sin is the same; man can do nothing to remove it and its effects. In the ceremonial cleansing of the Old Testament,
the blood of the sacrificial animals was applied. In the New Testament, we find that the only cure for sin, then and today, is the blood of Jesus Christ. The animal
sacrifices of Leviticus merely looked forward to the perfect sacrifice of the Lamb of God. They were a shadow; Jesus was the substance. In John 1:29, John the Baptist sees Jesus approaching and declares, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” To those who came to know Him, Jesus was that Lamb of God. Jesus was the only sacrifice that would atone for the sin of the world. In the ceremonial cleansing of Leviticus, the blood was applied, then the oil. The application of the sacrificial blood is symbolic of the blood of Christ, while the application of the oil is symbolic of the touch and influence of the Holy Spirit upon a life. Just as the blood of Jesus Christ flows out to all who call upon His name, so the leper’s anointing crosses all national and denominational barriers. For when anyone experiences the grace of Jesus Christ, it is the Holy Spirit who convicts him of sin and assures him of God’s forgiveness. Thus it is that at salvation you experience the first anointing—the leper’s anointing—which reveals the power of the blood through the oil of anointing that pours over you.

The Priestly Anointing
As a believer, cleansed through the precious blood of Christ, born again and sealed by the Spirit, you can and should move to the second anointing: the priestly anointing. A significant number of believers have no knowledge of this level of the Holy Spirit’s activity in
their lives, and they certainly have no idea how to receive it. If you’re among them, having no indication of such a blessing, read on, and you will discover and enter into God’s additional anointing of power. I must emphasize the importance of this step, since every member of the Body of Christ should have a ministry. And this is the anointing for ministry unto the Lord, including leading souls to Him, but not service of Him in battles against the devil and disease, but ministry to Him as priests. For we are all priests of God, although not necessarily ordained to stand behind a pulpit or to conduct evangelistic and healing services. If we, therefore, are ministers to God, we must have the power of the Spirit to do so. And that means we are to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, which is the priestly anointing of the Holy Spirit upon us. Without it, we will accomplish little. Also—and this is important—the priestly anointing is evidenced through unity in the Body of Christ as life in the Kingdom of God. All too often I have encountered self-appointed bearers of this anointing who are lone wolves. They think “their” callings and”their” ministries are so outstanding that they overlook the Body of Christ. They actually overlook God. When the genuine priestly anointing has been experienced, there will be unity and harmony. Remember Psalm 133: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, running down on the edge of his garments.”There is no such thing as a private priestly anointing; it comes in oneness, in unity, as the church functions as one body. On the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts, 120 people were together—in one accord—in the UpperRoom, and the Holy Spirit came upon them with fire and power. They went out from that room and ministered to the Lord, bearing witness to the crowds gathered there. Three thousand were saved! What an anointing! God was clearly present. This priestly anointing is not a one-time anointing,which the leper’s anointing is. Under the old covenant,the priests were anointed with oil every day. The same with you under the new covenant. You need a daily anointing. The priestly anointing brings the presence, the communion, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Revelation knowledge comes, for in the leper’s anointing, we are introduced to God in an extraordinary and wonderful way and we see our total need for Jesus Christ. But we really don’t understand much more. It is so sad that many Christians stay at the leper’s anointing level, by choice. They don’t seek more. They simply don’t surrender. Their ears are dull; they don’t hear God’s voice. And the Bible tells us clearly that Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice.” If you are truly one of His sheep and have received the priestly anointing, you will know His presence and hear the gentle voice of God regularly. It is not a one-time experience though; it must be renewed. God sometimes will reveal incredible truths to you;at other times, He will just let you sense how much He loves you. Perhaps He will correct or instruct you on a matter; perhaps He will cause a particular passage of Scripture to stand out while you are reading His Word.Even though you may seldom or never hear an audible voice, He has many avenues through which to speak to you. God’s regular communication does not depend on how loudly He speaks but upon how well you listen. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Matthew 11:15 says. You must take time each day to be quiet before the Lord so His still, small voice can be heard. As you read the Bible, fellowship with the Holy
Spirit, and listen, you will experience that daily refreshing that keeps your heart ablaze with love for the Master.
The leper’s anointing (salvation) is a one-time experience and cannot be lost unless you willfully walk away from it. God will never let you go unless you let Him go. This requires a decision that you
would rather perish than be saved.
The priestly anointing (the presence), on the other hand, can be lost, for if sin comes into your heart it lifts. That is why it must be renewed daily; it will bring
you into the presence of God—so near, so real that the tears will course down your cheeks.
The Kingly Anointing
Once you have experienced the leper’s anointing and gone on to the priestly anointing, do not stop there.
They are important and wonderful, but more is possible. Nothing can compare with the kingly anointing, the
most powerful of them all. This lifts a person to a place of high authority in God, giving him authority over
devils, the power to rout demons with one word. Only this will give you the power to send the enemies of God flying as the apostle Paul did. The kingly anointing is the most difficult to
receive. Whereas the leper’s anointing comes by accepting Jesus and the priestly anointing comes by fellowship with Jesus, the kingly anointing comes by
obeying Jesus. It is when you hear the rhema word of the Lord spoken just for that moment—which says, “Thus saith the Lord”—that you receive the kingly anointing. You see, there is the logos, or written Word—the Bible. But that does not give you the anointing, although the logos is terribly, terribly important, being settled in heaven and forever true.

Increase Comes at Crusades
This anointing became the most pronounced in my life when the Lord directed me in 1990 to begin monthly crusades around the country, which I have been doing ever since. I merely obeyed, and the extra anointing was there, although I have grown in it at a
fast pace. I know the heavier anointing has come directly through obedience.
I had known this anointing before, but at the crusades I immediately began to receive power to drive out devils of sickness and affliction and to receive
specific direction as to what the Holy Spirit was doing among the crowds of twelve to fifteen thousand that
attended each night. Hundreds of verified healings and thousands of conversions have occurred, including
people rising from wheelchairs and leaving crutches. Several blind eyes and deaf ears have been opened and
verified. In a crusade in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an Oklahoma City woman in a wheelchair was healed of what was
described as failed back syndrome, with nerve damage and bone deformity, while on the platform in front of thousands of people. She reported having been told by
her doctors at an Oklahoma City clinic that, because of nerve damage, she would never walk again. When checked sometime later she said she was “doing well” and without a wheelchair. Also in Tulsa, where the anointing was very heavy,a woman from Hobbs, New Mexico, diagnosed to have chronic leukemia by a doctor in Albuquerque, was healed and later possessed papers that said she was free of leukemia. In my daily television program, which also resulted from a directive from the Lord at the time of the word to begin crusades, we show clips from the various crusades as well as pray for people directly. A Las Vegas woman, diagnosed to have lymphocytic leukemia, was healed watching the program. Her healing was confirmed by her doctor, who said he had never seen such a thing before, and her insurance company even dropped her rates when told of the confirmed healing. And it goes on: In a Portland, Oregon, crusade, a woman from Milwaukee with a debilitating environmental illness (basically was an allergic reaction that blocked her vital organs) was healed, with the miracle confirmed by her doctor. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, crusade a woman was healed of a serious disease in the chest cavity, with confirmation from her doctor.And every bit of it is the Lord’s doing. He gets all the praise and the glory and the honor.As for the anointing, a definite change comes on me on the platform at these services. I know the presence is with me when I walk on, as it has been in the morning in the hotel and throughout the day. But when I step to the platform it’s as though a heavier anointing, or a “thicker mantle,” falls. Before the service, I may pray for a person and he will fall under the Spirit, but when I move to the platform as a servant of the Lord ready to do battle, there’s an awesome presence and power that topples hundreds at a time. It’s no longer little Benny Hinn feeling it; it’s holy power being displayed—the power of Almighty God. I actually moved to a new level for me at the miracle crusades as God kept His word with signs and wonders to accompany the preaching of the gospel. I found in a most surprising way that a simple wave of the arm would project power that knocked people to the floor as the anointing touched them. Even a blowing of the breath often caused people to go down like someone being knocked over with a feather. In each of these cases of unusual displays of God’s power, I noticed that I felt a certain numbness on my hand. I know the numbness was not the power, but was a result of the power. Neither was the falling of the people the power; it was the evidence of the power.I was amazed, and more than ever recognized the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which was convincing people of the reality of God in a way I had not experienced before. Houston Provides Examples In a crusade in Houston, the Lord saw fit, in a rather impressive way, to show the unusual nature of this waving (or “throwing,” as some have called it) and a different type of the “blowing.” Gloria Slosser, the wife of a good friend and colleague, having known and served the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for many years,was sitting in the front row of a crowd of 12,500. She had never been felled by the Spirit, but fully believed in such things.When the people in front became quite vocal to have me wave or throw at them, I did so, and Gloria, along with about ten rows of people, went down under the power and later said it was a wonderful moment, a happy and laughing moment, as she became keenly aware of the Lord.A few minutes later, I called several hundred people forward who wanted to make a deep commitment to the Lord and to receive an anointing for it. Gloria was in about the eighth row back. I planned to “throw,” but a voice inside me said, “Blow.” That’s all. “Blow.” So I blew into the microphone, and hundreds went down, including Gloria. She described it later as “something you can’t put into words, but it was very good”—also bringing a great awareness of the presence of God. She later made an interesting observation of the two events: “I thought people would go over from the front to the back, and I’d get knocked down in a domino effect. But it wasn’t like that. People fell backward from the rear, and you didn’t get knocked over. When I fell I landed on a woman behind me, and she soon began to say, ‘Get up;get up’. All I could say was ‘I can’t; I can’t.’ My knees were too wobbly.””Also,” she said, “I couldn’t stop grinning after that.All the way back to the hotel, I just smiled and smiled.What a delight!”Some have asked me what I’m trying to do when I throw or blow at them. I only have one answer: “God told me to do it, and I know better than not to obey.”I want to tell you about one other incident in Houston, which has taken place a number of times at other places, but was especially poignant that night.While we were still singing and worshiping, I brought a couple to the platform who had a particular need. As they stood, Steve Brock and I were singing “Name Above All Names,” and then the choir joined us on the chorus, which begins so magnificently with “I am Jehovah. I AM that I AM.” At that point, this handsome couple, standing three or four feet from Steve and me, collapsed under the power of the Spirit right there on the platform. No one touched them. God had done it directly without the use of any of His human servants. Why? This couple needed the assurance of the presence of their wonderful Savior. I see evidence like this occurring all over the land as people experience the love and the power of God. It Happens at Home Too In my own church, the Orlando Christian Center, we have a great emphasis on teaching and worship, but from time to time, often quite unexpectedly, the Lord will reveal His power spectacularly. On a recent Sunday evening, I was praying for a number of ministers, and for absolutely no reason, I turned around and saw a lady in a motorized wheelchair. Within me, a voice said, “Go and pray for her—now!” It was like a clap—now! I jumped down off the platform—and I’m sure everyone wondered where I was going: “There goes pastor again.”

I grabbed the woman and hugged her, tightly, and said, “Release your anointing, Lord.” She jumped up out of the wheelchair. I quickly turned to the choir and yelled, “Lift it up high and praise the Lord!” It was an incredible moment, and when they were slow in getting the music started, I yelled again. That woman was having an amazing miracle, and we needed to praise the Lord. As the intensity of the music arose, the woman got up all alone and began to run around the front of the sanctuary. The place went wild with praise. It turned out that the woman had had multiple sclerosis, and she told me later with her husband, who just stood and cried like a baby, that she had asked the Lord, “Please do it tonight because we’re going home and I may never be able to come back. Please let him come down and pray for me.” The voice of God just said, “Go and pray for her— now!”Amazing. He knows how to get your attention.

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