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Chapter 6:
The Spiritual Dimension Of Wisdom
We have already established that the mind is the seat of wisdom. It is the
seat of understanding. It is in the mind that issues are analysed and broken
down into absorbable bits for corresponding action.
We have also established that at redemption, the spirit of God carries out a
quickening process also in the mind. The Holy Spirit that saves the spirit at
redemption also redeems the mind from corruption. The quickening that takes
place makes the mind to become a living mind. It is the Spirit that gives life. If
the mind is alive, then it must have a spirit. Ephesians 4:23 confirms this:
And be renewed in the spirit of your mind
Your mind has a spirit. This is the spirit which is able to receive illumination
from above because it is linked with the spirit of the Almighty God. Job 32:8
There is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth
them understanding
The Amplified Bible renders it as “a vital force.” There is, therefore, a
spiritual dimension to wisdom. The wisdom of God is not received through
mental exertion. It does not come by tasking your brain to produce. It comes by
illumination; it is received by revelation from the Most High, the only wise
The entrance of the wisdom of God into your mind brings light which
drives away darkness from every issue confronting you. What you receive from
books and the tasking of your brain are facts. Facts have no control over
darkness. It is only light which comes from God that is able to lord it over
When this light comes from above, your eyes are opened; and with the
resultant illumination, you are able to see your way clearly.
The Apostle Paul, while praying for the church in Ephesians said,
That God…may give unto you, the spirit of wisdom and revelation
in the knowledge of him, the eyes of your understanding being

enlightened, that ye may know the hope of his calling, and what the
riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints
Ephesians 1:17–18
You need a healthy mind; an enlightened and illuminated understanding in
order to locate your inheritance in God. To enter and possess your inheritance
you need the spirit of wisdom and revelation. You need this divine revelation to
be able to know the things that are yours for the taking.
There is that vital force in you. There is that potential on the inside of you.
When you open it up to inspiration, there is a charging. When you connect that
system to God, there is a charging that produces excellence. You will come
under the power of heaven–sent ideas which, when put to work, will cause you
to rise from the realm of the ordinary to the extra–ordinary.
There is a vital force in the redeemed man. You are not expected to live an
ordinary life with this force in you. There is a force that produces excellence in
every realm of life.
There is a force in you that should cause a shining forth, proclaiming the
glorious gospel of Jesus.
If you must shine forth, you must receive illumination, you must receive
wisdom from above for it is only wisdom that makes the face of the wise man
to shine. If you must receive this wisdom, your mind must be actively alive,
open and resourceful, having the ability to receive, to analyse and break into
absorbable bits, which is what takes place at salvation.
Examples Of Excellence Through Wisdom
Joshua, the servant of Moses, was a man who had the Spirit of God in him.
He had been the minister of Moses almost all his life. When Moses was about
to die and asked for a leader for the people, God told him about Joshua.
Take thee Joshua, the son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit and
lay thine hand upon him.
Numbers 27:18
Joshua already had the spirit, but he needed a higher release of the spirit to
enable him carry out his new and higher function.
The Holy Spirit was not yet at work on earth, so Moses had to lay hands

on him so he could receive the spirit of wisdom.
And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for
Moses had laid his hands upon him: and the children of Israel
hearkened unto him.
Deuteronomy 34:9
Joshua became filled with the spirit of wisdom after Moses laid hands on
him. He needed the spirit of wisdom to ascend and retain his throne as leader of
Israel. He had to be filled in order to be fulfilled in his mission. With the spirit
of wisdom in him, his mission was fulfilled: the children of Israel hearkened
unto him. There is no nation more rebellious than the nation of Israel, yet they
listened to Joshua. They obeyed him and his leadership was fulfilled.
There is a spiritual dimension to wisdom. You don’t force the issues of life
through physical strength. Wisdom is not a product of mental exertion. It is an
issue of the Spirit. There is a need for this understanding among believers
today. You need to open up to the spirit of wisdom and revelation and let the
wisdom of God flow through you and manifest. This is what you need this end–
time. This is the gateway to fulfilment.
The wisdom that will produce must come from God. The wisdom that will
cause a shining forth must come from above.
Noah found grace in the sight of God and God released to him wisdom. He
built the largest ship ever which housed the most comprehensive zoo in history.
He received it from the Lord and acted accordingly and today he is down in
history as the one who kept the human race and all animals from extinction.
Think of Daniel. There was no way he could have known the king’s dream,
not to mention the interpretation, even if they had slept on the same bed. But
the Spirit of God which searches all things, even the deep things of God,
brought both the dream and its interpretation out.
It takes the Spirit of God to trace the actual rig that hits the oil. The Spirit
searches out the deep things and releases them to men. Daniel was able to do
what the wise men of Babylon could not do because he was a man “in whom is
the spirit of the holy gods” (Daniel 4:8). Wisdom is not by power. It is not by
might, it is by the Spirit of God working on the inside of you. This was the
Spirit at work in Daniel and the three Hebrew boys that made them to be ten
times better in all matters of wisdom and understanding than their
The spirit of wisdom is an excellent spirit. It produces excellence. This is
the ability to excel, to get to the top, to stay above. Daniel had no choice but to
excel because he became the president of the presidents.

Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents because an
excellent spirit was in him…
Daniel 6:3
Looking at the equipment designed by man during the Gulf War, I told
myself that the brains which designed all the complicated gadgets are unsaved
brains. They don’t have the Spirit of God in them. They are unredeemed,
reprobate minds. They are dead minds, because they don’t have the spirit of the
living God, the quickener, on the inside of them.
If unsaved minds could do all these, how much more would you who have
the spirit of God working in you. You should excel. The best of the natural
man’s output should not match your own.
Stop sitting down at your desk thinking that that project is impossible.
Nothing is impossible with God; and if the Spirit of God is at work in you, then
nothing should be impossible with you. Impossibility is of the devil. When you
have the Spirit of God in you, you transcend the realm of impossibility to that
of marvellous possibility. You are able to pierce through the thickest darkness to
create a way.
An excellent spirit took Daniel to the throne. The same will take you to
yours. It took Joseph from the dark dungeon of Egypt’s prison to the throne
room of Pharaoh.
How could Joseph, a man with no formal education, be able to design a
means of preserving grain for seven years in far away ancient Egypt without the
Spirit of God working in him? Hear it from Pharoah’s mouth:
…Can we find such a one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God
is….there is none so discreet and wise as thou art; Thou shalt be over my house,
and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled…
Genesis 41:38–40 Our Saviour laid an example for us to follow. He was
always connected to the source of power. He was always full of wisdom from
And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with
Luke 2:40
And Jesus increased in wisdom…
Luke 2:52

As Jesus grew, His wisdom increased. We can, therefore, say that when He
grew into the fullness of manhood and started His mission on earth, He also
grew into the fullness of the wisdom of God. He manifested the wisdom of God
in its fullness. He always knew what to do, where to go and when to step out.
He was never stranded. The enemies were many, the traps set for Him were
numerous but He escaped them all with ease.
A day came and His enemies thought to get Him to contravene
governmental laws. They asked Him, “You say you have come to free us from
bondage. Now, do we pay tax to Caesar or not?” Jesus looked up and the light
came. It was a trap. The way out was laid bare. He answered after showing
them the inscription on a coin, “Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God
what is His.” His enemies were silenced.
A woman caught in adultery was brought to Him. He was asked, “Master,
the law of Moses says anyone caught in adultery should be put to death. This
woman was caught in the act. Now what do you say about it. Do we stone her
to death or not?”
The Master looked up and the light came. He wrote down with His fingers
on the sand. Then He said, “He that is without sin among you should cast the
first stone.” The enemies sneaked away. They were beaten hands down.
This is Jesus manifesting the wisdom of God on earth. No one could tie
Him down. No enemy was too strong for Him. No situation was too difficult for
The Holy Spirit at work in the disciples enabled them to make a landmark
in history. They were unlearned and ignorant men. They were illiterates. Yes.
But we are still studying them today. Where did they get their wisdom from?
Peter’s message on the day of Pentecost was not ordinary. It came straight
from heaven. Stephen’s exposition in Acts Chapter 7 was not learnt from any
school. It came from above. This was the spirit of God in them at work.
Don’t allow your education become a trap. Lay it aside and open up to
receive the spirit of excellence from above. Open up and engage in the active,
exciting process of shining forth in the kingdom. Great heights are obtainable in
the kingdom. Great heights which the eyes have not seen; the ears have not
heard, and the mind has not conceived. Open up; enlarge your thought pattern,
and receive illumination by inspiration from heaven.
God is able to do far more than you are able to ask or think. So let your
mind open up; not in daydreaming, but in covenant dream and insight, looking
forward to a tomorrow that puts you in charge.
Wisdom is spiritual and it comes from God. It is our right to possess. So
open up and receive it and avoid undue mental pressures and exertion. Receive

it and begin to use it to press into your inheritance in God. Receive it and let it
cause a shining forth of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus through you.

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