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Chapter 17
The Devil Will Flee From You
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee
from you.
God has given us power and authority over the devil.
Then [Jesus] called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power
and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.
LUKE 9:1
God gave us power and authority over all devils—and all means all. There
are no demons excluded from this. I meet people constantly who say, “Well, the
devil is doing this to me, and the devil is doing that.” If you know that the devil
is your problem, then you can solve that problem by believing God’s Word and
exercising your authority instead of going around saying, “Oh, God. Please get
the devil off my back. Oh, Lord. The devil is ‘trying to cause me to do this.” You
aren’t going to get freed from Satan’s harassment by praying and asking God to
remove the devil. As we just saw, that power and authority has been given to
This first verse doesn’t say that he will flee from God. He’ll flee from you.
It’s God’s power, but that power is in you. God Himself isn’t going to come down
and make the devil flee from you. You have to resist the devil.
Resist means “to actively fight against.” Resistance is active. You have to stir
yourself up and get mad in the godly sense: the godly use of anger is to be mad
at the devil, mad at sickness, mad at disease, and mad at poverty. You have to
stir yourself up. You can’t just tolerate it. As long as you can tolerate something,
you will. But when you get to the place where you say, “I’ve had it. Enough is
enough. This is it,” and you rise up with godly anger and faith to exercise your
authority, a positive spiritual dynamic is released. When you get sick and tired of
being sick and tired and you put your foot down and resist the devil, he flees
from you.
For more information about the godly use of anger, please check out my
teaching entitled Anger Management.
At heart, Satan is a coward. He really is. He’s just a bully— intimidating,
yelling, and threatening. Even though he says all these things, the truth is he’s a
coward. If you’ve ever been around a bully, you’ll know that they’re always

trying to take advantage of other people, manipulating and controlling them. As
a boy, I learned that if you stand up to a bully, they’ll respect you and leave you
alone. You might lose a battle and get beat up, but you’ll only fight once. After
that, they’ll respect you and leave you alone. At heart, a bully doesn’t really want
to fight. They just want to intimidate and control. If they realize that you’re going
to stand up and fight every time they come around and try to do something to
you, they’ll back down.
Even if they win the fight, they don’t want to put forth that much effort.
That’s the way Satan is.
When you get angry and resist the devil, he’s just like a bully. The moment
he knows that it’s going to cost him something— that you’re going to stand there
toe-to-toe in the name of Jesus and go at it with him—Satan will flee from you.
But you must resist!
Saying, “Dear devil, please leave me alone” is not resisting.
My friends and I were ministering deliverance once to a woman who had
sold her soul to the devil. Satan had led her to do a despicable act involving
other people’s bodily secretions, among other things, in establishing these
demonic pacts. We instructed her that she needed to address the devil and take
back the place she had given him. We told her she needed to do this by speaking
directly to Satan and renouncing him. So we knelt around a coffee table and
started praying. Then we said, “Now you speak to the devil.”
This woman said, “Dear devil…” We had to stop her right there and say,
“Whoa. Wait a minute. This isn’t resisting the devil.” You don’t resist the devil
by saying, “Dear devil, please leave me alone.” You must resist the devil. God
gave you power and authority and you have to activate it by stirring yourself up,
becoming violently resolved (Matt. 11:12), and just putting your spiritual foot
down by saying, “Satan, get out of my life!” You might be thinking, But
Andrew, I’m just not the assertive type. The only other option is to suffer. That’s
just the way it works.
God isn’t going to rebuke the devil for you. You have to stand up and resist
him. And if you resist the devil, he will flee from you. God gave you this
authority, and you can’t beg Him to do what He’s told you to do. It won’t work.
Kenneth E. Hagin used to tell the story of how one time, the Lord appeared
to him and was giving him instructions. As Jesus was speaking, a little devil
started running, jumping, and yelling in between them. Kenneth tried to pay
attention and look around this demon, but he couldn’t really focus on what the
Lord was saying. He wondered why God was allowing this to go on.
Finally, Kenneth became so upset over this that he declared, “In the name of

Jesus, I command you to leave!” and this little demon took off and was gone.
The Lord looked at Kenneth and said, “If you hadn’t have done that, I couldn’t.”
God told you to resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Many Christians know that it’s the devil trying to destroy their life today.
He’s trying to kill you with sickness and disease, or he’s stealing your prosperity
from you. You know what’s happening isn’t God’s will, but you’re praying, “Oh
Lord, please solve this. Please do something.” You aren’t taking your authority.
If you are dealing with demonic opposition against you, then you have to step up
to the plate, take the authority God has given you, and command the devil to
There are two sides to this coin—submitting to God and resisting the devil.
You can’t just go around binding and rebuking anything you want. Some people
take James 4:7 the wrong way and think things like, It’s the devil who gave me
this spouse and I want a new one. So I’m taking authority and commanding my
new spouse to come along and to get this one out of the way. That’s not going to
happen because God didn’t give you that kind of power and authority. Taking
your current spouse out of the way (through divorce) so you can marry another
isn’t His will. You must submit yourself to God and resist the devil, and then
he’ll flee from you.
These truths concerning authority will only work for you when you’re
submitted to God. When you are seeking Him with your whole heart and you
perceive the devil hindering you, then you can lake your authority and command
those things to change. If you’re just upset because someone cut in front of you
in traffic and you say, “I hope they have a wreck down the road,”
that isn’t going to come to pass. God didn’t give you authority to curse people
like that; you aren’t submitted to Him if you do it. But when you are submitted to
God, then you can resist the devil—actively fight against him—and he will flee
from you.
When I was still in a denominational church, my friends and I stumbled into
casting out demons. We saw a woman who normally would have been put into a
mental hospital for the rest of her life set free. We knew her problem wasn’t
physical or natural, but demonic. We also knew that the authorities wouldn’t
understand, so we locked her in a room for seven days and took shifts
ministering to her. We’d praise God, sing songs about the blood of Jesus, and
read Scripture. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we literally just beat the
devil out of this woman—not with our hands, but by singing about the blood and
speaking against the devil. We just stayed in there until we saw this woman
delivered of demons. Once word got out how she had been restored to her right

mind, people started coming to us from all over.
Another time a homosexual fellow came to us to be delivered. We didn’t
really know what we were doing, and to make matters worse, we read a book
that taught us all kinds of fallacies like, you can’t cast out a demon by yourself,
you must have two people, you had to get their name, and you must have the
person throw up in a bucket. We did some stupid things by following that book’s
We spent three weeks preparing this homosexual for deliverance, which you
don’t have to do. There’s a group in the city where I live who think it’s godly to
require people seeking deliverance to fill out a forty-page questionnaire and then
endure a forty-five day waiting period before they’ll cast the demons out. That’s
not the method Jesus used!
Back when we thought we had to always get the demon’s name, a friend of
mine who was casting out a demon from someone asked the demon, “What’s
your name, in Jesus’ name?”
The demon answered, “Liar.”
Immediately, my friend asked, “Are you telling me the truth?”
This homosexual fellow we had been prepping came during a Wednesday
night service at our church. I was leading the meeting by myself because the
associate pastor, who was my partner in casting out demons, was out of town
that night. An usher came and got me out of the service, saying, “This guy wants
to see you.” When I went back and saw him, he had come with another
homosexual who wanted to be delivered too.
The fellow we’d been prepping said, “I’m ready to be delivered tonight.”
I answered, “Well, we can’t do it tonight. I’m by myself.” He responded, “I’m
not leaving with these demons.” “Well, I’m not casting them out.”
“You’d better do something because I’m not leaving with these demons.”
So I took this man and his friend into a back room in this denominational
church. Jamie, who is now my wife but wasn’t at the time, came with us to give
some prayer support. Jamie wasn’t even baptized in the Holy Spirit yet. We had
no idea what we were doing.
Once we got to the back room, this man said, “You better plead the blood
over this place or do something because these demons are coming out.”
When I began praying, “Father, in the name of Jesus,” this guy fell to the
floor and started barking, slithering like a snake, and throwing chairs up against
the glass wall. It was quite a commotion! When the usher heard this, he went in
and stopped the service, saying, “We need to pray for Andrew.

He’s back there witnessing to somebody.” They didn’t have a clue what was
going on.
In that back room, there was a stack of chairs about ten high. The other
demonized guy was on top of the stack, plastered against the wall, scared to
death. Jamie was praying and doing everything she knew to do.
I didn’t know how to proceed, but since we were already in it, I started
asking, “What’s your name? In the name of Jesus, tell me your name.” As I went
through this, one demon would name itself and then another, and then another. I
felt like I was being made a fool because I didn’t know if the first demon had
come out or not before the second one had named itself. It was ridiculous!
Finally, this scripture came to mind.
Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him. MARK
I thought, That would be good. So I said, “In the name of Jesus, I command
you all to shut up and come out of him!” Instantly, power was released and this
guy lay on the floor just like he was dead. Gently, I shook him to see if he was
He just rolled over and whispered, “I’m free. I’m delivered. I’m free.” I
thought, If it’s as simple as commanding the demons to come out in Jesus’ name,
why did I go through all this other stuff?
Although we didn’t know what we were doing, we stumbled onto this truth.
We used to beg and plead, asking “Oh, God, please get rid of this.” I learned
through doing that God has given me authority and I don’t have to go through all
these things. I don’t have to ask the demon’s their name, make people fill out a
forty-page questionnaire, or require them to wait several weeks to get ready. I
have authority over the devil and if the person is willing to cooperate, I can go in
and command those demons to leave and they will obey me.
I can’t ask God to cast the devil out because that’s what He has told me to do.
I have to stand up, take my authority, and be confident that when I speak it’s
going to work. I have to have faith in God’s Word—that I do have authority over
all devils and to cure diseases. (Luke 9:1.)
Since God has given you this power and authority, you also have the
responsibility to exercise it. You can’t go back to God and beg Him to do what
He has commanded you to do. You must take your authority and use it.
There is no problem with God. Prayer works. It’s just that wrong prayer
doesn’t work. You must pray, speak, and act in line with the authority that God
has given you.

If you would just make these simple adjustments that I’ve been sharing with
you throughout this book, you’ll see a big difference. Speak to your problems
and command God’s Word into manifestation. Pray the Word of God across
people’s paths who need to be born again. Stop begging the Lord for an
outpouring of His Spirit, and start going out and healing the sick, cleansing the
lepers, and raising the dead. (Matt. 10:8.) Do what the Word says, and you’ll see
His power manifest. Then you’ll have all the revival you can handle.

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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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