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* The Government that will change the Board of Trustees of this Church has not been Born

*If you want financial transparency, then get Auditors

Founder , omega fire ministries, Apostle Johnson suleman has reacted to the recently approved CAMA 2020 bill by the president, Muhammadu Buhari. Apostle Johnson suleman expressed his sore displeasure over the bill calling it an illiterate bill, according to him, the government should focus on Agricultural sector and ministry of works. He said, it is only in the Nigeria that the ministry of works is not working.
A lot of people had been expecting the reaction of Apostle Johnson Suleman over the CAMA 2020 law, he however reacted saying, why will I talk over nonsense, the government that will change the board of trustees in this ministry has not been born , you say it is Cama law or Cama bill, what kind of stupid thing is that, have you finished managing ministry of Agric, have you finished managing ministry of works, he asked .

In this country, ministry of works is not working, he explained that somethings don’t make sense, if the government wants financial transparency, then it is not a problem, he further explained that although some pastors started church because of money, and if the government insist churches should submit financial report then i will be the first to submit he said, by the time they discover what the church is making in a month is 5 million and he is personally spending 50 million, then the government will balance him, but to sit down somewhere and ask a non member of the church to be a trustee is wrong.

Apostle Johnson suleman revealed that the bill is an illiterate bill, you don’t appoint a board of trustee, someone who has not been around or who doesn’t have a stake to the company, he insisted that CAMA bill is an illiterate bill, if the government wants financial sincerity, then get auditors.

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