Receiving the Holy Ghost is so much more than just an initial  spiritual experience. I believe this is the whole crux of the matter—the  point where so many believers miss it. They keep looking back to the day when they got filled with the Holy Spirit. But the baptism in the Holy Ghost is so much more than a one-time experience. The third Person of the Godhead actually comes to fill believers with divine
power that enables them to live their lives supernaturally from that  moment forward!  I told you how I was filled with the Holy Ghost in 1937 at the Full  Gospel pastor’s house. On that day, I spoke with tongues for an hour  and a half and sang three songs in other tongues. But I want you to  know this too: That experience was just the beginning for me!  Some believers make a big deal about their initial experience of being  baptized in the Holy Ghost. To hear them talk, the day they were filled  with the Holy Ghost was the greatest thing that ever happened in their  lives. The trouble is, they never talk about any subsequent experiences  in the Spirit. They never go on to develop themselves further spiritually.  Or they keep trying to have another infilling experience just like their  first one.  Certainly the initial experience of receiving the Holy Ghost is
important, but it’s just the beginning. We shouldn’t have to look  back to some experience we had at the altar years ago as our  only contact with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost should  become more real to us every single day. He ought to be more  real to us now than He ever was on the first day we received  Him. If He isn’t, then we haven’t been walking in close  fellowship with Him. We haven’t remained conscious every  waking moment of His indwelling presence.
Your greatest experience in the Lord should be that of  walking in close fellowship with Him today. Every single day you should be conscious of the Greater One living in you and empowering you to come through every situation you encounter victoriously. As you live each day like that, the Holy Spirit will become more and more real to you, and you will begin to fully enjoy His empowering Presence in your life.

You Can Dwell on the Mountain top

I remember preaching at a particular camp meeting in the mountains of California in 1955. Then in the summer of 1956, I returned again to preach at the same annual camp meeting. During the second year I was there, a lady got up and testified about her experience at the previous year’s camp meeting. She said, “Last year when I came up here on the mountain, I didn’t know about the baptism in the Holy Ghost, but before I left, I was filled  with the Spirit!
“Then after camp meeting was over, I went back to my home in the valley and started having a hard time of it. Life got really busy—getting the kids ready for school, sewing clothes for my children, taking care of church responsibilities, and so forth. I started feeling spiritually dry and powerless. In fact, since last summer, I haven’t had another blessing like the one I experienced when I received the Holy Ghost. So I could hardly wait to get back up here to receive another blessing!” When I heard that, I thought, That dear woman missed the whole thing! She’s been dry and bereft of power for 12 months, yet she had the Powerhouse, the Greater One, on the inside of her all the time!
This woman hadn’t been rightly taught, so she thought, I feel helpless, powerless, and spiritually dry. If I could just go back up the mountain and get blessed again like I was last year, it sure would help
me! That’s the way a lot of folks think—and that is what defeats them.  If the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you’re filled with His  power, you can enjoy experiences with Him every day. You shouldn’t have just one experience and then that’s the end of it. You don’t have to  wait until you can get back to a mountain top experience. You can be up
on the mountain top spiritually every single day of your life!

What Does It Mean to Receive Tower’?

If you’ll remember, I said I was actually a little disappointed  in my initial experience of getting baptized in the Holy Spirit. I  was quite conservative and reserved before I got baptized in the
Holy Ghost. So I was just sure that when I received the Holy  Ghost, I’d have a loud, emotional, boisterous time in the Lord.
But as it turned out, I didn’t do a thing except speak with other  tongues. (Of course, that’s all the 120 believers did on the Day of  Pentecost too!) So I felt a little deflated. I’d seen others get boisterous and shout with joy when they were filled with the Spirit, and part of me wished I could have that kind of emotional experience when I got filled. I prayed, “Lord, Pentecostal people keep saying that  when the Holy Ghost comes upon a person, he shall receive  power [Acts 1:8]. So where’s the power? If I have any more
power than I had before, I don’t know it!”
Many times we don’t know what power is. We think power is  something we feel, and that isn’t always so. Jesus didn’t promise  an emotional experience; He promised an enduement of  supernatural ability when the Holy Spirit comes upon us.
ACTS 1:8
8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy  Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be  witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all  Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost  part of the earth.

Even though I felt disappointed, I had enough Bible in me to  accept my experience of the baptism in the Holy Ghost for what  it was. I said to myself, Well, getting filled with the Spirit wasn’t
like I thought it would be, but it was scriptural, so I’ll stay with it. As far as I am concerned, I’m filled with the Holy Ghost! Nevertheless, I didn’t say anything about it to anyone, nor did I  preach about that experience to my congregation. I was still a young  denominational pastor of a little community church, so I decided I was
going to wait until I had some kind of power explosion before I talked
to anyone about it. I thought, I want people to be able to see the proof
of the power without my having to say anything! Besides that, some  way or another, I had a sense in my spirit—an inward intuition more or  less—that I shouldn’t say anything about it. Well, there was a man in our congregation named Mr. Curry. He and his wife had been away on a trip to Europe for three months, and just before they returned, I got filled with the Holy Ghost. Not long before Mr. Curry left for Europe, some Pentecostal folks began to attend our church because it was the only church in that little country community. These families would have had to travel for miles to find a Pentecostal church to attend, so they came to our church instead. Even though people from all kinds of denominations attended our church, Mr. Curry was not happy when he learned Pentecostal families were starting to come. So he went to see Mr. Cox, another church member, and said, “I don’t know whether we ought to let those Pentecostal folks come or not.” Of course, it was a public meeting, so even if we’d wanted to, we couldn’t have kept them from coming! Mr. Curry went on to say to Mr. Cox, “If that speaking in tongues gets in here, I’m going to pull my family out of this church! I won’t keep going here.” Then Mr. Curry and his wife left for Europe, and while they were gone, I received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with tongues. As I said, I didn’t share this news with the congregation at that time because I was a little disappointed about it and didn’t “feel the power” the way I thought I ought to feel it. However, I did talk to one person privately about my infilling experience, and that was Mr. Cox. Actually, Mr. Cox was a very spiritual and biblical man, and he figured out what had happened to me before I said anything. He and his family were the ones who graciously allowed me to stay with them whenever I traveled out into the country to preach on weekends. Mr. Cox told me what Mr. Curry had said before he left about the Pentecostal folks coming to our church. Later after Mr. Curry had been back for a while, Mr. Cox told me of another conversation he’d had with him. Mr. Curry said to Mr. Cox, “Something has happened to our little preacher while I was gone!” Mr. Cox thought, Who told Mr. Curry what happened to ourpreacher? I know I didn’t tell him! Maybe Brother Kenneth told someone else, and it leaked out somehow. Then Mr. Cox said, “What do you mean, something happened to him?” “Well,” Mr. Curry said, “he’s a better preacher than he was before.” Mr. Cox replied, “Well, Mr. Curry, I always thought Brother Kenneth was a pretty powerful preacher.”

“Oh, I did to!” Mr. Curry answered. “But I’m telling you, he has something he didn’t used to have!” By then, Mr. Cox realized that no one had told Mr. Curry anything. So to encourage Mr. Curry to keep talking, Mr. Cox said, “Oh, sure
enough. Well, what is it that our preacher has?” “Well,” Mr. Curry said, “I don’t know what it is. But nowadays when he preaches, you can feel it! When he talks, he has a power he didn’t
used to have!” The church members were sensing the extra power in my life, even if I wasn’t! “I’ve always enjoyed Brother Kenneth’s preaching,” Mr. Curry
continued. “But I’ll tell you, when he preaches now, it hits you. His message has a punch to it! His words have authority behind them they
didn’t have before.” Mr. Cox thought, Well, I better tell Mr. Curry what really happened to Brother Kenneth before he hears it from someone else in a negative
context. So Mr. Cox said, “Do you want to know what happened to our little preacher while you were gone?” “Yes!” Mr. Curry replied. “He was baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke with other
tongues.” Mr. Cox told me later, “When I said that to Mr. Curry, he dropped
his head and didn’t say anything for a long time. I didn’t know if he was
going to look up and say, ‘Well, that’s it! I’m pulling my family out even
if it creates division in the church.’ I didn’t know what he was going to
say! “But when Mr. Curry looked up, he had tears in his eyes,” Mr. Cox told me. “And he said, ‘Well, I’ll tell you one thing about it—it makes a believer out of me. I heard Brother Kenneth preach before, and I’ve heard him preach since. There is a power, a depth of spirituality he
didn’t have before.” When I heard what Mr. Curry said, I started repenting. I
prayed, “Dear God, I had that power all the time, but I doubted it. Now I understand that this power wasn’t given to me just for my individual benefit. It was given to bless others. That’s why my congregation can tell something has happened to me, even if I can’t!” Then I began to notice the difference, too, even in my personal life. I’d come up against tests, trials, and temptations that used to take everything I had to barely squeak through them. But since I received the Holy Ghost, I noticed I had an extra “something” that helped me come through trials and temptations with a new sense of victory! I prayed, “Dear Lord, I had this wrong idea in my mind about power. I thought that some way or another, power would be something I’d be able to feel physically. I thought I’d feel like I was about to blow up like a ton of dynamite! And because I haven’t felt that way physically, I thought I didn’t have any power.

“But You said that out of my innermost being would flow rivers of living water and that those rivers would flow out to
bless others [John 7:37-39]. That’s the purpose of the power I received from the Holy Ghost, and my congregation can tell the difference!” Soon it wasn’t just Mr. Curry who was talking about the
difference in my preaching. Everyone in the church was talking about it as well! They said to each other, “What has happened to our preacher? He’s got power! What’s his secret? Whatever it is, I want it!” Finally, I decided it was time to tell the congregation what had happened to me. I said, “All I know is that I got filled with the Holy Ghost and started speaking in tongues. You’ll receive power, too, when you receive the Holy Ghost and speak with tongues.” That divine power wasn’t evident in my life until I was filled with the Spirit, and my congregation knew it! After all, they had been
hearing me preach for the previous two years and hadn’t noticed that
kind of power in my preaching! Praise God, my testimony made such an impression on the people that almost every single one of them eventually got filled with the Holy Ghost. And it wasn’t long before we’d turned that church into a Full Gospel church! We never lost a family. Everyone kept coming. In fact,
the church grew even bigger in the years that followed! After that experience, I never again doubted the benefits I’d received when I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I understood that it wasn’t a matter of “feeling” power. It was a matter of yielding to the Holy Spirit. It was a matter of releasing the power of the Greater One Who lives within me. The Fruit of Listening to the Holy Spirit Before I was ever filled with the Holy Spirit, I enjoyed many blessed hours in prayer and communion with the Lord. Many times I prayed most of the night in English, and a few times I prayed all night long. But even though I’d spent hours in God’s presence, some way or another I’d leave that place of prayer feeling dissatisfied. It always seemed like I hadn’t said what I wanted to say to the Lord. I’d use every descriptive adjective at my command to tell the Lord how wonderful He is, but I’d still go away from my prayer time feeling like my heart hadn’t truly expressed itself.

But after I was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to pray in other tongues, my prayer life changed dramatically. Finally, my spirit could express itself, and I found myself leaving my time of prayer feeling satisfied in my spirit. Of course, I already received the Holy Spirit in a measure
through the New Birth (John 3:3-8). He had borne witness with my spirit that I was a child of God (Rom. 8:16). And as I lay on the bed of affliction as a teenager with two serious organic heart problems and an incurable blood disease, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, trying to direct me to the subject of divine healing in
the Word. I desperately needed the Word and the Holy Spirit to guide me into healing, because all I’d ever heard preached was the salvation message. I’d gone to Sunday school and church all my
life—never missing until I became bedfast—yet I’d never received any training at all in listening to the Holy Spirit and following Him. But as a 16-year-old boy on the bed of affliction, I began to hear an inward Voice as the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit. No one told me to listen, but I finally just said, “Well, I can’t be any worse off by listening than I am right now. After all, the doctor says I’m going to die, and I can’t do anything more than that! So I think I’m going to start listening here on the inside of me.” And as I listened to the Holy Ghost Whom I knew in a measure through the New Birth, He led me right into divine healing! The day came when the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “Now you believe you’re well.” “I sure do!” I said. “Get up then,” the Holy Spirit said. “Well people ought to be up by ten o’clock in the morning.” So there in the bedroom, all by myself, I struggled to a seated position and twisted my body around on the bed so I could push my feet off the bed onto the floor. Then I grabbed ahold of the bedpost and pulled myself up. Draped over that bedpost, I declared, “I want to announce in the Presence of Almighty God, the holy angels, the Holy Spirit, the devil, and all his cohorts that according to the Word of God, I am healed and I believe it!” Suddenly I felt a warm glow of God’s healing Presence come down all over me like warm honey, and I stood up straight and started walking around that room healed! How did I get to that moment of healing after being paralyzed on the bed of affliction with a terminal heart condition for 16 months? I listened to the Holy Spirit with Whom Id become acquainted in the New Birth. Then later I listened to the same Voice of the Holy Spirit, and He

led me into the baptism in the Holy Ghost (Acts 1:5)!
Think back to the analogy of drinking water. When I was born again
on that sickbed, I had one drink of water—my New-
Birth experience. But the same Holy Ghost Who made me a new
creature in Christ also led me into divine healing. Then I
received the Holy Spirit, and I drank until I was full. From then
on, His ministry to me and through me and His dealings with me
were amplified many fold!
Maintaining the ‘Greater Measure’ of the Holy
The Holy Spirit guides Christians who know Him through the
New Birth as much as He can. But for those who are filled with
the Holy Ghost and pray with other tongues, the Holy Spirits
guidance is available in a far greater measure.

However, I have found that this extra measure of the Holy
Spirit operates in my life only if I follow the practice of
continually praying daily in tongues.
I’m not talking about rattling off a few words in tongues. If
that’s all you do, the ministry of the Holy Ghost in your life
won’t differ much from what it was before you were filled with
the Spirit. I’m talking about taking the time to really pray in
tongues and spend time with God on a daily basis. If you’ll make
an effort to maintain a Spirit-filled life by praying much in other
tongues, the Holy Spirit will communicate with you through
your own spirit.
First Corinthians 14:14 says, “For if I pray in an unknown
tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful”
It’s the Holy Spirit Who gives your spirit the ability to pray to
God. The Holy Ghost supernaturally directs your prayer as He
gives you the utterance. He prays through you about things
before they ever happen.
I’ve found out over the years that there’s never been a sickness or a
death in my family that I haven’t known about and prayed about ahead
of time—sometimes even two years ahead of time. This kind of
revelation knowledge doesn’t just come through the revelation gifts of
the prophet. I also operate in that ministry. But the Bible says the Holy
Spirit will show any believer things to come.
JOHN 16:13
13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is
come, he will guide you into all truth: for he
shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he
shall hear, that shall he speak: and HE WILL
Any believer can know by the Spirit about something ahead of time
as he presses into God. Many times things will be revealed as believers
pray in tongues. Ever since I was baptized in the Holy Ghost, I’ve often had this experience as I’ve prayed in other tongues. The Holy Spirit showed me
things to come before they ever happened so I could pray through on
them. It was simply a matter of praying in tongues and sensing in my
spirit what I was praying about.

Praying Out Mysteries
Let me give you an illustration from my own life about the Holy
Spirit alerting me to pray about things in tongues before they happened.
I was holding a meeting in St. Louis in 1958, and I’d gone back to my
hotel room after the service. I tried to read a book, but within me I kept
having an uneasy feeling. So finally I put the book down and began to
pray. I asked, “Lord, what is it?” Remember, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will not speak of Himself, but whatever He hears, that shall He speak (John 16:13). That means you can expect the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Certainly He will speak through the Word, because He is the Author of the Word. But He will also speak on the inside of you as you pray in tongues. I kept asking the Lord, “What is it?” as I prayed out mysteries
in the Spirit.
2 For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit IN THE SPIRIT HE SPEAKETH MYSTERIES [divine secrets].
After a while, I got the sense that someone in my family was in physical danger, like an attack of sickness. I immediately thought of my wife Oretha since I was out ministering in another
city and she was at home. But as I kept praying in tongues, I knew on the inside of me it wasn’t my wife. Then I thought of my two children, Ken and Pat. I prayed for each one of them in tongues, and as I prayed, I knew it wasn’t either of them in physical danger. Then I thought of my mother. As I began to pray in other
tongues about her, I knew she was the one I was praying for. About that time, the telephone rang. It was my wife, and she said, “Ken, your mother is in the hospital.” I replied, “That’s all right. I know it. I’ve already been alerted, and I
have the answer. The Holy Spirit told me that she’ll be fine!” It’s good to be on top of a situation, isn’t it? It is of great benefit for us to know the Holy Ghost through the New Birth, but the baptism in the Holy Spirit is an addition to this blessing.
God has also given us the opportunity to experience a greater measure of the Spirit through the baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. You see, the New Birth is God’s introduction of His life and nature to the sinner. But the baptism in the Holy Ghost is God’s introduction of His supernatural power to His children.

The Great Adventure Has Just Begun
Let me stress again: Although the initial infilling is the beginning of something great, it shouldn’t be the greatest experience you ever have with the Lord. In fact, the greatest things that ever happened to me in my walk with God came as a result of praying with other tongues. As I said, I knew the Holy Spirit in the New Birth. Of course, even before I was filled with the Spirit, I knew the Holy Spirit as a young denominational boy preacher. The Holy Spirit would come on me and anoint me to preach. And although I didn’t hold any public healing
services, I would publicly preach on healing, and privately I’d lay hands
on folks and get them healed. Thank God for the healings and conversions that happened in my ministry those first four years after I was born again. But I never had supernatural manifestations until I was filled with the Holy Ghost in the
second week of April 1937—and I’d already been preaching four years!
After I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I learned to pray much in other tongues, and that made all the difference. No one told me to do it. We didn’t have much teaching on the subject back then. I didn’t even know whether or not I was supposed to pray in tongues whenever I wanted to. But I found out that it was easier to pray in tongues than it was to pray in English. I also learned I could get further spiritually in tongues than I could any other way, so I just did it. For instance, the greatest healings I’ve ever seen in my ministry came after a time of praying in other tongues. As I prayed, I saw in the Spirit what I was praying about. (You see, we can pray in the Spirit about physical things as well as about spiritual things.) And then as I just obeyed and did what I saw in the Spirit, the person would be healed!
Yes, the initial infilling of the Holy Ghost is wonderful. But that initial experience is only meant to be the beginning. God has an entire lifetime of supernatural adventures in store for us as we learn how to operate in the realm of His Spirit. That’s why I want to take you further in our discussion about speaking with other tongues. Once you realize the true value and the infinite scope of communicating supernaturally with God, I believe you’ll want to take advantage of this gift more than ever before!

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