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Breaking News! W.H.O Nullifies Social Distancing; We were Wrong

Breaking News! W.H.O Nullifies Social Distancing; We were Wrong
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The World Health organization has nullified the social distancing theory it proposed earlier, according to Dr maria van kerkhove (W.H.O technical lead Covid 19), from data they gathered, asymptotic person has a rare case of transmitting the disease.

This automatically nullifies the theory of social distancing earlier proposed by w.h.o, the effect of this decision to shut down churches , schools and public places has been enormous, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, one can only imagine how world economies will recover on time.

According to Dr David Samadi , Director of men’s health , st Francis hospital, W.H.O is a making a uturn, because we didn’t know who has the disease, we made everybody do social distancing, we made every body do testing , but now w.h.o is saying anyone that doesn’t have any symptom of fever, chills and shortness of breath , cannot pass the disease, this is coming from accurate research using contact tracing

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