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Breaking ! Chinese Vaccine is in the Final phase of Trials before being released to the World

Breaking ! Chinese Vaccine is in the Final phase of Trials before being released to the World
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  • The secret behind attack on Dr. Stella Immanuel is exposed.
  • Vaccine is tested on 15,000 volunteers from different nationalities across the World

The secret behind the attack on Dr Stella Immanuel is beginning to surface as Chinese Vaccine enters its final phase of trials before being released to the world. Dr. Stella Immanuel became a global sensation when she spoke about Hydroxine chloroquine , zinc and zithromax as a cure to corona virus and a prophylactic when taken early. According to Dr. Stella the world doesn’t need a Vaccine, with Hcq , we can go back to our normal lives, children can resume back to school, there is no need for testing, she assured the world covid 19 is not a death sentence, she also revealed she had treated about 350 patients with Hcq and all survived, none died, which means the drug works and its a cure, rather than the world embracing it, she was completely rejected by world health organization and her videos brought down from all social media platforms, the secret this is the VACCINES.
Israeli video blogger, Nuseir Yassin , popularly known as Nas Daily, travelled to emirates, Abu dhabi where the trials are being conducted.
He revealed in a video he titled “THE EXCITING COVID 19 VACCINE” posted on his page, that there had been Vaccines trials from different countries but the Chinese Vaccine passed phase 1 and Phase 2, and is in its final phase before being released officially to the world,15,000 volunteers have done a selfless act from different nationalities to have the vaccines tested on them, if the Vaccine is successful on the volunteers then it is ready for the world.
This means the world will be injected with a Vaccine from China, the same country that brought Covid 19, should that be good news really ? I believe the world is being manipulated and deceived, soon we will all find out the truth.

Stay with us as we unravel latest info about Covid 19 Vaccines, Dr Stella Immanuel, the church and Donald Trump.

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