Book That Reveals The Mystery of Trinity Released

— Church leaders have forever looked upon the Trinity as an everlasting mystery. However, those convictions are proven false in T.R. Bosse’s recently published book, The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed (Dove & Word Publishing). The book unravels details about how God became a man named Jesus and why the Trinity remained a mystery all those years. It also shows why it could never become completely understood until today’s advanced technology came about. The book showcases the Trinity as fully comprehensible to the extent that it answers every question ever asked about the topic.

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed took nearly seventeen years from the time Mr. Bosse received a revelation until the book finally became published. Bosse noted, “Seventeen years is a short time-span when compared to 2000 years. Many Church leaders searched diligently for answers with little success, but the problem had nothing to do with those individuals or lack of Scripture. No one could have realized the full comprehension of the Trinity no matter how long they searched. It was virtually impossible without help from modern technology; particularly details embedded within the field of health. When we combine the many Scripture passages found in the Bible regarding the Trinity with what we found in the recently released health/science technology, everything fits perfectly to provide an accurate picture of the Trinity. Remember, technical advancement was hidden from the earlier Church fathers because it only came on the scene within the past 50-75 years.”

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed not only contains details bringing an end to the so-called mystery, but it also covers the three basic answers to life’s questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where do I go when I die? Everything in the book is backed by biblical facts and health field technology.

This book is an invaluable tool for the Christian witness and a priceless channel to further the Great Commission to the 6 billion plus non-believing inhabitants of planet earth about this important doctrine.

About the Author:
While T.R. Bosse taught on the Trinity as a mystery for many years, everything changed after receiving a revelation in December 1999. A first book containing the revelation was published in 2003, but was soon taken out of print after realizing a vital detail relating to the Virgin Birth was missing. He found the information buried within the health/science field. The answer necessitated putting everything into this new book entitled, The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed.

Mr. Bosse, founder of Dove and Word Ministries, is a Church Overseer, Nursing Home Ministry Director and an avid student of the Bible for over 42 years. The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed (paperback, $13.95, ISBN: 978-0-9723974-1-4) is available worldwide wherever books are sold. For information about the book or media requests, please contact Dove & Word Publishing or author T.R. Bosse

Source : Christian news wire

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