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Bishop TdJakes Pays Tribute To @repjohnlewis

Bishop TdJakes Pays Tribute To @repjohnlewis
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Today, as our nation says it’s final goodbyes to the humble and heroic @repjohnlewis, I’m remembering my tour last year of the now historical site of a chain of stores called Woolworths. This one was in Nashville. It was here in 1960 when I was only three years old where the late Congressman John Lewis was kicked, beaten, and burned with cigarettes to earn us the rights we now have! I am thankful for the many blows he incurred to bring us to where we are now. To be sure, there’s much more to be done. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that He left us better than he found us! Let it be clearly understood that yesterday’s trouble makers are tomorrow’s heroes! They were not affirmed, respected, or appreciated at the time. It is unfortunate that some must fight to be handled as humans. History reminds us that, more times than not, the path to better is decorated with bruising, bleeding, and badgering. Let us not break or bow to injustice just to be admired for our subservience! May God rest his soul while he stirs all of ours to advance – even if we have to get in “good trouble.” Thank you to the gentlemen and women whose blood demands that we vote whether you think it matters or not! It does! And so do the people who fought for the right to be heard at the ballot box.

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