Bishop Oyedepo : God Showed Me The Picture Of A Devastated Nigeria ; Lets Pray To Avert It


By Henotace correspondent

The President of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has declared an Emergency 7-Day Prayer and Fasting for the Rescue soul of Nigeria which will begin tomorrow 22nd till 28th October 2018

The Outspoken Prophet of God shared with the Congregation the state of the nation, the callousness of the leaders, and the spiritual blindness of the people concerning what is going on in the county.

According to the Prophet of God, He saw the clear of picture of a devastated Nation in a vision God showed him many years ago, he said in a jocular explanation that in science , there is living and non living things. Non Living things are things that cannot respond to feelings, so we have a Non Living Government, a Government that has no feelings for the killings going on in the country. Bishop Oyedepo further enlightened the congregation of the need to shun any form of bribery of their conscience, he said some Nigerians can lose their brain for a bottle of fanta. The leaders of Nigeria travel to Germany to treat Headache but go to party when citizens are killed.

The Job of believers is to stand on the prayer altar to avert evil, every believer is enjoined to participate in the week long prayer chain. When God pronounced Judgement of Hezekiah, he prayed and averted it, so judgement can be averted, he explained. If we don’t pray, evil is just about to break forth.

God forbid! The leaders are bent on wickedness and it can be stopped on the prayer altar.

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