Bishop Oyedepo ; Get Your PVC and Vote the Devil out of the Scene

The President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide , Bishop Oyedepo commended the Church Members who went to be registered against all odds berating the Ill-treatment of people during the registration Process.

Bishop Oyedepo made this statement towards the end of his sermon on Wednesday communion service in the Church Headquarters, Canaan Land , Ota, he said those men are evil from head to toe, they want to do everything to stop people from registering but No More! According to the Prophet of God, they cancelled Canaan Land as a centre in 2015 for no just cause, he therefore encouraged every winner member to get their PVC and vote the devils out of the Scene, Bishop Oyedepo also declared the good news of the extension of the Inec registration, there is no excuse not to be registered.

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