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Bishop Oyedepo Challenges Newly Amended CAMA that Puts Churches Under Government Control

Bishop Oyedepo Challenges Newly Amended CAMA that Puts Churches Under Government Control
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*Registrar-General can remove Trustees of Churches without a recourse to the court

  • Registrar General can close the accounts of the church
    *Bishop Oyedepo warns, Don’t try it!!!

Founder , living faith church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has challenged the newly amended CAMA (Company Allied Matters Act).
Speaking at the special home coming service today, 16th August 2020, in canaanland, bishop oyedepo explained that this country is going too far and it’s a risk he said i saw something on CAMA (Company Allied Matters Act) , they put religious bodies there that Registrar-General can remove Trustees without a recourse to the court. Don’t try it! He said.
It must be somebody dreaming somewhere who woke up on the wrong side on the bed that carted that thing into the middle of it as their custom is.

I’m 51 years young in this thing, I’ve been with Jesus for some time and I’m sent as a Prophet to the nations; don’t try it.
That a Minister can remove a Trustee and close the accounts of the Church; when the history of this time will be written, many will be ashamed to be Nigerians except the Church.

It is wisdom to quickly expunge religious bodies from that document, he explained, It is only safe to remove.

Where the Registrar General is superior to the court including the Supreme Court!
Where a supervising Minister can wake up in the morning and say, “why are they going to Church early in the morning, they can’t go to Church anymore?”
Can you appoint Board of Trustees? In fact, they said, they will appoint manager, so you appoint an Occultist to be Manager of Church Affairs, when we are alive? When this crude prophet is alive? When all the sons of the Prophet are alive?
Don’t try it. Timely advice.



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