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Bishop Oyedepo Celebrates 24years of “Lagos Headquarters” Mandate

Bishop Oyedepo Celebrates 24years of Lagos "Headquarters" Mandate
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Founder of living faith church worldwide, Bishop oyedepo celebrates 24years of the Lagos “headquarters” mandate today.

Speaking at the covenant hour of prayer, bishop oyedepo revealed that today made it 24 years exactly when this Prophetic Word came down from Heaven to me:

“My Son, I’ve made Lagos, your first headquarters, from where you will shake your world”

Bishop Oyedepo explained that the words were far-fetched from the present situation at that time, but the lord instructed with this words;

“Build with me a people to be envied” – so everybody in this Commission, is by divine order a man and a woman, a boy and a girl to be envied.
“A people of attraction. A people of honour.” – everyone in this Commission is ordained to be free from shame and reproach.
Then He went on and said,
“And by them, I will storm the world” – by this ordinary looking people, I will storm the world.
By my Hand upon this people that don’t look like anyone that has any identity, I will storm the world.

According to bishop oyedepo, those words imply that everyone in this Commission is ordained a world shaker, listed among they that turn the world upside down. God also told him in that encounter ;

“Build me a people of depth, people of deep insight. A revolutionary army by depth of revelation and I will take the world by storm”

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