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Birthday Note from CPM International to Rev. Dr. O Ezekiel

Birthday Note from CPM International to Rev. Dr. O Ezekiel
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Garlands For A Pathfinder, Hero Of Faith…Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel
THOSE who argue that there can be no greater treasure in life than the early understanding of purpose and its diligent pursuit have a point. In it is the wisdom according a pride of place to the Almighty in all of one’s affairs – the doors of limitless possibilities that remain eternally open, and favours of unimaginable proportions tiding towards one’s ways.
You only need to take a glean at the life and antecedents of a dynamic and an exemplary man, especially one with tremendous humility integrity, transparency and discipline, who truly wants to please God and would not touch anything that is not validated by scriptures to be generally reassured of the truism in the above assertions.
That man is Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel, the General Overseer and Head Pastor of Christian Pentecostal Mission International. Not only has this great servant of the most high God treaded on daunting paths, as preacher of the Gospel, but has set records of accomplishments in those paths. He operates under the five-fold ministry gifts as an Apostle, a Prophet, a Pastor, an Evangelist, and a Teacher.
Born over seven decades ago, in the sleepy and rustic village called Iruowelle in Awka-Etiti, a town located in in the heart of Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State. Growing up as a child, he knew what he wanted and always went for it. As a young lad, his mother always told him of how he would mount a small kitchen stool with a Bible in his hand and would preach the gospel.
As a result of God’s call upon his life, he came to Lagos in 1954. Having contemplated and dared, he succeeded where many dreaded to thread and failed. He travelled the nook and crannies of villages in Nigeria preaching the Gospel with great passion, holding his trademark ‘Powerless Power Crusades’ that was cascaded with great miracles, healings, deliverance, signs and wonders. As a result of this, his ministry became known that he is often called the Demon Bulldozer. There is virtually no village in the Southeast and South-South region of the country that his footprints has not been felt and left.
As one man whose epithets could fill a basin, Rev. Dr. O Ezekiel is variously described. To some he is an icon of a rare kind, a pathfinder and pillar of the Christian faith in Nigeria, a teacher of teachers, a major prophet to this generation, and a man with a heart of gold. He has become more than an inspiration, a man whose quietness also speaks volumes.
As a distinguished Christian leader, and one of the founding father of the Pentecostal movement in Nigeria, he regarded as a torch-bearer of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He has become a beacon of hope for Nigeria in the Christian fold. Now in the third phase of his ministry, many gospel ministers within and outside Nigeria are subject to his spiritual authority and regard him as the Apostle of our time.
The uniqueness of his ministry makes him outstanding, well-sought-after conference speaker locally and internationally. His distinct voice of unadulterated message of salvation, righteousness, holiness, heaven and of hell is likened to John the Baptist, crying out in the wilderness, hence he authored many books including God’s Battle Axe, Purity Of Priesthood, In The Heart Of The Father among many others.
A Doctor of Divinity and Defender of the Order holder in Theology, and a 5-Star General Chaplain; his immense desire is to see God’s children prosper spirit, soul and body. Often referred to as the happiest pastor in West Africa, he frequently tells his audience that he would drag them to heaven. He is true to his calling as a Pastor, as he has raised thousands of men and women who have become pastors in their own rights.
He is married to Rev. Dr. Mercy Ezekiel, the National/International co-ordinator of Christian Pentecostal Mission, a prayer machine; and they are blessed with children and a grandchild. Today, the world and the indeed the Christian faith movement (CAN, PFN, CPM) celebrate this patriarch and defender of faith, statesman.
Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Dr. O, Happy Birthday Papa


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