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Biography of Darasimi Mike Bamiloye

Biography of Darasimi Mike Bamiloye
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Oluwadarasimi Mike Bamiloye also known as the Bamiloye Princess by her siblings, is the third and last child of Christian Film makers Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, she is the only girl amidst two boys, Damilola and Joshua.
Darasimi was born on the 14th of May, she is a fresh graduate of English Language from the prestigious Babcock University.
She is a spoken word artist, drama minister, script writer and script editor she also joins her brother Jaymikee in voicing some of the tracks used as theme songs in Most Mount Zion movies, she usually backs him up.
She was the little bride in the movie Captives of the Mighty.
She is famous for spoken word presentation’s like Spirit Move, Matrimony, You, Story of A Lady amongst many others.
Her major standout areas, are the fact that she is an addicted lover of God, she speaks English Language fluently with the right dictions and appropriate pronunciation of words. She is a very creative story writer and spoken word writer, and despite the fact that she hardly wears makeup and jewelries she still appears very stunning, her dress sense is captivating decent and moderate yet attractive, she is tall dark and beautiful having a striking resemblance with her mum Gloria Bamiloye.

In 2017 she wrote the movie haunted and was given the lead role to play by her father Mike Bamiloye, though Gloria Bamiloye was skeptical about Dara taking the role Dara was however given the chance to take up the role as Rebecca, she eventually took the role and was succesful at it leaving everyone astonished. She works closely with her immediate elder brother Jaymikee in music and helps in the production of jaymikees jay and josh skits.
We also speculate that she will be going into full time ministry under her parents ministry as a script writer, editor and actor in the Mountzion Faith ministries after her service year. Darasimi Mike Bamiloye is a talent to look out for.


Captives of the Mighty – little bride
Sunset at mid day
Journey in a circle
Spoken words
Spirit move
Cry of a distraught believer
The third temptation
Story of a lady

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