Believers are abusing their liberty

The beauty of Christianity is the liberty we have in Christ, we are not slaves to sin or the devil, but just as the general pattern when it comes to freedom, it is always abused. Freedom is a not a license to do what we like , it is a call for a greater responsibility, the word of God admonishes us not to use our liberty in Christ as an occasion to serve the flesh, and this is the general trend for most believers, everyone has an opinion, especially the firebrand , knowledge driven generation, they have an opinion about everything, they see all the wrongs the fathers in the faith are making, they are just deep that no one can correct them.
Having an opinion about everything is a sign you cannot be taught anything, it is wisdom to talk only on the things you know and leave the things you don’t know for God to reveal, even the word of God teaches that the secret things belongs to God, the things revealed belongs to us.
Just browse through social media pages and see the comments of young vibrant , knowledge driven youths without the experience of the truth to back it up, their comments make you feel they have been in ministry for ages, the problem is , when you claim to know what you know next to nothing about, you can no longer learn in that area, the wisdom behind it is to own up, be ready to learn at all seasons, even when you know, be as one that knows nothing so you can learn more.
We have freedom in Christ, but we are daily abusing it, we advise people who have grown , mature and stabilized themselves in ministry for years and yet we are just upcoming, we cannot grow that way. A wise man speaks in such a way that makes you feel you have known everything about him, whereas you don’t even know a pin yet, so he selects his words and give general opinions, brethren, there is rank in this race, we are all graced in redemption but not on the same level, we need to honor that, there is discipline in this spiritual kingdom.
Nobody wakes up because he has read so much, or had several encounters, then the person becomes more anointed than the person who has been walking with God for over 50 years in faithfulness, yes! You have the potentials, but the other minister has been tested and trusted, do not use liberty as an occasion to serve the flesh, do not glory in knowledge, if you have to glory at all, then do that in your consistent walk with God in obedience over the years.
Let us be Wise
I love You
David Oshin
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