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Be your own number 1 fan! – Shepherd Bushiri

Be your own number 1 fan! - Shepherd Bushiri
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It is great when people believe in us, cheer us on and encourage us. Indeed, God sometimes uses people to make us feel stronger, lift us up and comfort us.

But here’s the key, you cannot become so dependent on people that you measure your worth against the way they value you.

Sometimes those same people will let you down, they will get busy when you call them. They may even decide to walk out on you when it matters the most.

Look at what happened when Jesus was about to be crucified, the same Peter who had walked with Him through all stages of His life wasn’t there. Peter was on the other side denying Him when Jesus needed Him most.

God has crowned you with His favor. Quit waiting on people to make you feel approved and start approving yourself. Even if they don’t encourage you, encourage yourself. Even if they don’t make you feel validated, validate yourself. Be your own number 1 fan!

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