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Be Passionate about Soul Winning – UEBERT ANGEL

Be Passionate about Soul Winning - UEBERT ANGEL
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With the news media in the world today, it’s easy to think Satan has many people he uses to wreak havoc and destroy human lives. But you need to realize that God has many more people evangelizing the world with His Word.

These are people who have given their money, time, talents, and resources to see that the gospel reaches the ends of the earth. They are so sold out to this vision that they count nothing too much to put into the gospel.

The question is: “Are you one of such people? Do you see yourself in God’s evangelical plan for the world?” It’s important that you do, because soul winning is God’s number one priority; He wants everyone around the world to know how much He loves them and how they can receive Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.

This should matter to you. Become passionate about winning souls to Christ, and you can start with those closest to you—your family, friends, neighbours, and schoolmates.


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