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Our Focal Scripture speaks of how Peter got to the location where prayers were being offered unto God for him. Peter knocked at the gate, and there was need for a damsel named Rhoda to show up before his presence could even be announced and the gate opened for him. Peter had found his way to where he needed to be in, but could not enter without the help of the person who would unlock the gate. Peter’s access was stalled because he could not unlock the gate by himself.

Friend, your movement and advancement in life may be stalled if you are not a gatekeeper. You may indeed arrive at the important places you need to be in, but if you are not a gatekeeper, you may end up not entering because of gatekeepers who do not want to grant you access. If you are not a gatekeeper, you may not attain certain milestones you desire to attain. If you have not learnt to control gates, those who control gates may keep you from accessing places you need.

Peter was ordinarily a mighty man, and was highly revered in the early church, but it was a mere damsel that made it possible for the gate to be opened for him. His might bowed to a damsel who could open gates. You may indeed be mighty, but you also need to learn to lock and unlock gates, otherwise you will need to bow to those who can lock and unlock gates. Your might will be limited if you are unable to unlock the gates locked around you.

Arise as a gate keeper. Take charge of gates through your prayers and prophetic proclamations. Tear down the satanic elements who currently hold sway at the gates you need to pass through. Take charge of the gates of your career, business, city, nation, ministry, etc. through prophetic prayers and proclamations. Let your voice so resonate in the spirit realm that gates will open when they hear you. Prophetically lock the gates that need to be locked, and open the gates that need to open.

In all you are, be a gatekeeper. Be that man who will open gates for your generation. Be that one who will lock the gates against negativity. Be that one who will be in control of the gates.

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