[Article] Corruption In The Church

Corruption in the church


By David Oshin

The Spirit that pervades an environment always seek an entry into the Church,  just like the case of the corinthian church ( 1 Cor.5:1-12). The devil does this to defile,  weaken,  confuse and derobe the church of her dignity. Ladies and gentlemen,  its no more news that the devil has skillfully gained ground in the midst of believers,  and he is belch evil daily,  i am only writing this piece to call our consciousness to the fact that we have great work ahead of us as believers. The corruption that pervades every sector of the nation has mingled her way into the church,  right before us, she is sitting as queen,  there is no better time to know our stand as believers than now,  these days believers are more interested in what is trending and doing it than standing for the truth,  well if we want to follow what is trending,  let me tell us what we have ahead of us,  so get prepared. Do you know that in America currently Three (3) pornography sites are more popular in terms of traffic and downloads than twitter,  instagram and neflix,  only facebook,  youtube, amazon  and yahoo have more viewership than those sites ?  Every second, nearly 30,000 internet users in the U.S. are accessing and consuming pornography,  (read more).  Or is it about abortion and transgender,  that is the trend,  and if we refuse to stand for the truth,  watch out in the coming years what the church will turn to . No! A thousand times no,  i am convinced there is still a remnant according to the election of grace. This message is a call to every believer,  stand and stand and stand for righteousness,  holiness and the truth even though it means persecution  and even death. Its worth it!

Thanks! God Bless You!!

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