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God is not an opportunist. Life on earth is about investments; it is only those who make deposits that man make withdrawals. You cannot withdraw from a bank that you did not make deposit in. if you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing. In God’s agenda, every harvest must start with a seed; you cannot reap where you have not sown (Ecc. 3:2)
Jesus had to lay down His life before He could take it again. Sometimes, we want blessings but we don’t want the responsibilities that come with it. (John 12:24)(John 10:17-18)
As you lay down your life for His service, you will never remain the same in Jesus name!
Addiction originated from the word ‘Addict’. An addict is someone who is devoted to or surrenders himself habitually to the control and influence of a thing or person. He is someone, who without compulsion, likes and enjoys something so much that he spends time, valuable resources and energy in doing it, for example a drug addict.
An addict is a devotee; a fanatic and one who is obsessed or possessed by something or someone. He is someone who is accustomed to a thing or person that he cannot stay away or live without that thing or person. He is so sold-out to that thing
An addict is someone who allows himself to be influenced and controlled by something or someone he loves and holds in high esteem
Kingdom addiction is joyfully allowing God to exercise full ownership and control over your life, time, resources, career and decisions towards the advancement of God’s course on earth.
It is to be sold-out to God so much so that nothing in life matters to you except those things that matter to God.
Kingdom addiction is to be devoted to God and His work. It is the readiness to live and die for God’s course on earth without due consideration to self.
It is feeling what God feels and allow only what moves God to move you. It is humanity allowing divinity to dominate and exercise absolute control over her; interrupting her activities any day and time; spirit soul and body.
It is having the habit of being obsessed with the mentality and lifestyle of promoting God’s course and advancing His kingdom.
Life is of no worth if you are not living it for Christ. Most Christians have accepted Christ as their savior but have not made Him the Lord of their lives; they are not dedicated to Him. There is a great difference between Altar call and dedication.
Altar call does not guarantee heaven; otherwise, Judas would have made heaven. He accepted Christ as his master but was not dedicate to Him. So, do not get carried away by the altar call you made; you must be sold-out to Him if you want to make heaven.
Kingdom addiction calls for total surrendering of all you are, all you own and all you do. It is a total dedication to God.
Kingdom addiction is the secret behind earthly distinction. Until you are sold out to God, you cannot stand out in life.
There are five cardinal points or principal pillars of kingdom addiction and they include:
Vineyard addiction
Fishing and hunting addiction
Capital investment addiction
Affection/love addiction
Stewardship addiction
Vineyard addiction is about becoming addicted to fellowship; when coming to church becomes a delight. David was so addicted to fellowship that he went to the temple three times to pray and seven times to praise daily. He was the wealthiest and the most powerful man in his time, ye, he had time for God. People who avoid fellowship usually get into trouble.
When you are addicted to God’s presence, you enjoy divine health, obtain joy and gladness; and God reveals His ways to you among other benefits
Fishing and hunting addiction is about being addicted to soul winning. The primary reason you are born again is to save others. You have no justification to condemn a sinner you have not preached to. Your love for God is fake if you are not interested in soul winning. Use everything you have to bring them to Jesus.
Capital investment addiction involves serving God with your finances while affection addiction is simply being committed to God delightsomely. It is your affection for the kingdom that triggers your rapid promotion and guarantees your earthly distinction.
Finally, stewardship addiction is when you are addicted to serving God. Stop waiting for big titles and start serving with all your heart. Every title in the church is a call to service and fruit bearing.
When you are addicted in the areas listed above, God will cause you to be distinguished here on earth, your coast will be enlarged and God, Himself will announce you to your world in Jesus name!

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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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